Rotorua Boys High School
Rotorua Boys High School

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Rotorua Boys High School

Bright, fresh TigerTurf tennis courts and a synthetic hockey turf training facility have replaced the
damaged, worn tennis courts at Rotorua Boys’ High School – together, the school and TigerTurf
have given the boys a sporting advantage for the next two decades.





Icon - November 2015

Date Project Completed

November 2015

Icon - 3,400m2



Icon - TigerTurf Trophy


TigerTurf Trophy

Icon - Existing asphalt base


Existing asphalt base

The Rotorua Boys High Story

The Rotorua Boys High Story

TigerTurf has enjoyed working with
Rotorua Boys’ High School for the last
18 years; so naturally the school came
to us when it was time for three worn old
tennis courts to be upgraded. Not only
that, but we turned those three unusable
courts into six new top quality tennis
courts, with a good-sized hockey training
pitch as well.
Changes Made To Existing Courts

Changes Made To Existing Courts

Rotorua Boys’ High School asked
TigerTurf to rejuvenate the school’s
existing tennis courts, which had become
slippery and dangerous with cracked,
broken surfaces. We were also asked to
increase the useable space around the
court area and open it up for more tennis
courts and a hockey pitch.

TigerTurf Trophy

TigerTurf Trophy is a dressed surface designed for
multi-sport use in schools and clubs. It is excellent for
hockey* and tennis and meets the exacting standards
of an FIH National category sand dressed field as well
as being ITF fast paced certified.
It also provides consistent performance for sports
such as basketball, netball and in playgrounds, as well
as a brilliant multi-purpose surface suitable for general
Gym use.

Versatile And Durable Multi-Sport All-Weather Facility

TigerTurf Trophy is an excellent artificial turf surface for both sports. A sand dressed hockey turf, synthetic tennis and netball surface, Trophy is tested to FIH National standards, certified ITF Fast, and meets English Netball certification.

Trophy is ideal for hockey, tennis, netball  and multi-sports for schools and clubs, as  well as for home tennis courts. TigerTurf removed the surfaces of the existing 3 tennis courts, replaced the fencing, and deconstructed some of the golf driving bays.

Then the exciting part began. We installed six high quality TigerTurf tennis courts and a half size hockey training pitch. The damaged, unusable old courts were history, being  transformed into a versatile and durable multi-sport  all-weather facility that will be in play for  another 20 years.

The boys at Rotorua Boys’ High School  now have superb turf tennis courts that will encourage the development of their  tennis skills all year round, and some tough competitive play. The hockey training pitch has been eagerly awaited by the school’s keen hockey players, who can now train for many more hours to improve their ball and stick skills on a safe, high performance surface.

Best of all, the turf surfaces look fantastic all the time, needing only minimal care, so the groundsman is especially pleased.

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