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Russell Tennis Club

With reliable drainage, repairs to the uneven, cracked surface and a TigerTurf Tournament 1000 tennis turf, we transformed two ageing asphalt courts and markedly improved the playing conditions for the Russell Tennis Club.



Icon - April 2019

Date Project Completed

April 2019

Icon - 1,101m2



Icon - TigerTurf Tournament 1000


TigerTurf Tournament 1000

Icon - Painted Acrylic over Asphalt


Painted Acrylic over Asphalt

Problem Solved!

Problem Solved!

The Russell Bay tennis club asked TigerTurf to resolve recurring problems with its acrylic painted courts. The asphalt surface was cracked and dirty again, despite having been cleaned and repainted five years earlier. Maintenance was proving to be a costly problem for the club.
Improvements Made to Advance Performance

Improvements Made to Advance Performance

Poor drainage and an uneven surface caused ponding, delaying play until well after the rain ceased. These underlying problems needed to be rectified to improve the playing performance of the two courts. The club decided to upgrade the courts with a TigerTurf synthetic turf to reduce the maintenance required and to improve
the playing conditions with a slower, softer surface offering good traction.

TigerTurf Tournament 1000

TigerTurf Tournament 1000 is a medium-pile, sand
filled tennis surface. TigerTurf Tournament 1000 is a
durable, low maintenance tennis surface and has been
one of our most popular tennis surfaces, particularly in
schools, for over 30 years.
It is a medium pile, sand filled, fibrillated surface; hard
wearing, long lasting and designed for clubs and
multi-sport use in schools that have high usage on
their courts.

Advantages Of Using TigerTurf Tournament 1000

TigerTurf synthetic tennis surfaces can be installed over existing hard courts

TigerTurf Tournament is our extremely durable, high quality tennis surface with proven performance over thousands of installations throughout Australasia. By repairing an existing hard court surface, adding effective drainage, and laying one of our quality tennis turfs, TigerTurf can transform an unsatisfactory tennis court into a low-maintenance, high performance delight for tennis players.

In the case of the Russell Tennis Club, a drainlayer installed the necessary drainage before the TigerTurf construction team carried out extensive repairs to resolve the ponding problems caused by the cracked, uneven asphalt. This made it possible for us to use the existing asphalt surface as a base for the Tournament 1000 tennis turf, reducing the overall cost of the club’s


Advantages of using TigerTurf Tournament 1000

The handsome blue and olive of the TigerTurf Tournament 1000 courts have given the club a bright, fresh and clean appearance. More importantly, Russell tennis players can enjoy
an excellent standard of safer play at the club for the next 20 years, with only a brief delay after rain, all year round.

The Tournament surface also brings the benefit of a slower game that suits players of all ages. As a softer surface, Tournament absorbs impact better than asphalt does, reducing the risk of damage to joints and muscles during the hardest fought games.

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