Sherwood Primary School
Sherwood Primary School

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Sherwood Primary School

TigerTurf turned the wet, soggy playing field at Sherwood Primary School into an all-weather multi
-sport centre. The hockey teams not only have an FIH compliant surface to practise their skills on,
but they also have a head start with sponsorship from TigerTurf!



Icon - October 2015

Date Project Completed

October 2015

Icon - 1,836m2



Icon - TigerTurf Trophy plus 10mm shock pad


TigerTurf Trophy plus 10mm shock pad

Icon - Full build including fencing & LED Lights


Full build including fencing & LED Lights

The Sherwood Story

The Sherwood Story

With an expanding school roll and a playing field that wasn’t able to be used for sports practice for much of the winter,
Sherwood Primary School had a major problem to solve. Poor drainage combined with the wet winter climate caused chaos
for sports timetables and the winter sports teams.
Three multi-sports courts for many sports

Three multi-sports courts for many sports

Then came the exciting bit. The TigerTurf
installation team set to work laying the
TigerTurf Trophy multi-sport over the
shock pad.
We built three multi-sports courts, fenced
and with LED lights for evening practice
and games.
We also installed top quality alloy sports
equipment on the courts, and around the
perimeter we added a two-lane running
track in terracotta with white markings.

TigerTurf Trophy

TigerTurf Trophy is a dressed surface designed for
multi-sport use in schools and clubs. It is excellent for
hockey* and tennis and meets the exacting standards
of an FIH National category sand dressed field as well
as being ITF fast paced certified.
It also provides consistent performance for sports
such as basketball, netball and in playgrounds, as well
as a brilliant multi-purpose surface suitable for general
Gym use.

A Sense Of Achievement

Thorough planning, preparation and construction for performance

TigerTurf was able to provide the answers the school was looking for. We analysed the site, designed the drainage and base construction and installed our multi-sport Trophy surface
to keep the planned sports centre open for play and at the top of its game for the next decade or more.

The school had a wish list for its sport centre, which included the students’ favourite sports, and more.  We came up with a design that would make that wish list happen, and keep the
sports teams busy all year round.  We constructed the stable, free-draining  base we had designed, with surface  channel drains for extra drainage.

On top of that we installed a 10mm TigerTurf shock pad to establish safe playing conditions for the hockey and football teams, and to extend the lifespan of the surfaces.

Safe practices and planning ahead for school installations

During the installation, we had to bring our vehicles through the school grounds, taking care to coordinate our movements with the school timetable. As always, we held discussions about safe viewing areas for the students and staff, and established strict safety procedures the school and our teams could work with.

The project was a rewarding one, as school installations always are. Our teams get enormous pleasure from the happy faces of the students when they first use our new turfs.

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