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St Cuthbert’s College

A TigerTurf WETT Pro pitch is the best hockey surface – the teams at St Cuthbert’s already
appreciate the advanced technology of this surface, producing improved control of both stick and



Icon - April 2017

Date Project Completed

April 2017

Icon - 600m2



Icon - TigerTurf WETT Pro


TigerTurf WETT Pro

Icon - Existing Asphalt Base


Existing Asphalt Base

The St Cuthbert’s Story

The St Cuthbert’s Story

The velvet green TigerTurf WETT Pro pitch we recently installed at St Cuthbert’s College replaced our original
turf after thirteen years of full use. With the addition of canons, the magnificent new hockey pitch is now a fully
watered turf offering superb playing conditions.
Positive Attitudes

Positive Attitudes

St Cuthbert’s College supports talent
and encourages its girls to strive to be
the best they can. The school’s decision
to step up to the best modern sports turf
technology with the TigerTurf WETT Pro
surface reflects St Cuthbert’s willingness
to foster positive attitudes amongst the

TigerTurf WETT Pro

TigerTurf WETT Pro system has been tested to
current FIH (Federation International Hockey)
Global standards
Providing longer life expectancy than any other
product on the market TigerTurf has developed the
WETT Pro surface using advanced fibre technology
exclusive to TigerTurf.
The unique texturised monofilament yarn ensures a
grain free playing surface which means the ball and
stick travels smoothly in all direction.
WETT Pro’s hard wearing characteristics also make it
an ideal surface within the gym environment, making it
ideal for resistance training.

High Performance Qualities

TigerTurf Wett Pro is the most durable hockey pitch on the market. In fact, it is a great surface for many sports, and is extremely popular in schools and clubs for its ability to retain its high performance qualities over many years of hard play.

The texturised monofilament yarn used in the construction of Wett Pro  reduces friction on hockey sticks, giving the player free movement of the stick while executing strategic moves , and maintains good control over ball speed and direction.

TigerTurf and St Cuthbert’s have enjoyed  a long-standing relationship of some 28 years. The multi-use courts we installed then at the school were the first of their kind; they have since become a hugely successful product in schools and clubs.

We then installed our acrylic courts for the school, some junior roof-top courts, and the hockey pitch we have just replaced with the TigerTurf Wett Pro, another enormously successful TigerTurf product throughout the sports world.

We take pride in seeing our TigerTurf Wett Pro hockey pitch providing top playing conditions for another generation of St Cuthbert’s College girls, and continue to value our relationship with  this motivated school.

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