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TigerTurf multi-use courts are always a bit special – colourful, playful and engaging. And, of course,
so much more fun than an average school court.



Icon - February 2018

Date Project Completed

February 2018

Icon - 248 m2


248 m2

Icon - TigerTurf Tournament


TigerTurf Tournament

Icon - Existing Asphalt Base


Existing Asphalt Base

Bright, Clean, Safe Playground

Bright, Clean, Safe Playground

St Joseph’s Primary School wanted to turn the existing asphalt court into a bright, clean, safe playground for the junior
students to enjoy all year. The plan was to use the area for netball and football. The school chose TigerTurf Tournament
in a fresh bright green contrasted with a lighter olive to distinguish the netball area from the wider football playing area.
Playgrounds With Personality

Playgrounds With Personality

St Joseph’s fabulous multi-sports court
includes playful games in brilliant colours set
into the turf: a cleverly crafted green map of
New Zealand, a cheerful sunny yellow clock,
an enticing number ladder and an irresistible
wiggly alphabet snake.

TigerTurf Tournament

Tournament is a reliable, quality tennis surface made
by TigerTurf and is a good value investment for
recreational tennis and schools multi-sports court.
It is a medium pile, sand filled, fibrillated tennis
surface. Its hardwearing, versatile yarn makes it
suitable for courts of all types from private homes to
tennis clubs and multisport use in schools.

Always Ready For Play

We used different colours to permanent, mark-up each sport’s playing area so the court is always ready for play.

TigerTurf’s Agent, Southern Turf,  demonstrated their exceptional installation skills when adding several imaginative, zany games set into a clear blue border alongside  the court for the students to enjoy.

These immensely popular games are a special feature of TigerTurf designs, prompting creative play by groups of students.  Our teams are experts in creating clear, brightly coloured images that add personality and fun to your school playgrounds and sports fields.

Whether these are games to engage the children in outdoor activities, as at St Joseph’s, story book characters, or your school badge, we can turn your school playgrounds into the lively focus of your students’ day.

TigerTurf Tournament is a wonderful playground surface Durable, versatile TigerTurf Tournament is an excellent investment for primary schools.

Designed with all the qualities needed for  busy school grounds, it is manufactured to  be affordable for most school communities:

• Easy to maintain and clean

• Tough enough for everyday use in school grounds

• TigerTurf surfaces are safe for students to play on in all weather Our Tournament synthetic turf is a high quality sports surface accredited by the International Tennis Federation (ITF) and comes with a seven year warranty.

World Bowls
FIH Preferred Supplier
ITF Foundation
World Rugby
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