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St Kevins College

St Kevin’s College has a brilliant new TigerTurf multi-sports facility for cricket, hockey, football,
basketball and netball where there was once a single sports surface.



Icon - January 2019

Date Project Completed

January 2019

Icon - 3,600m2



Icon - TigerTurf Advantage and TigerTurf Deluxe


TigerTurf Advantage and TigerTurf Deluxe

Icon - New chipseal base


New chipseal base

Modern Sports Facility

Modern Sports Facility

The existing sports turf at St Kevin’s College had been so well loved it was starting to come apart at the seams – literally! The College now needed to replace it, both for health and safety reasons and to provide a modern sports facility that extended structured learning for the students and met the sports education requirements of
the modern curriculum.
Improved Safe Playing Conditions

Improved Safe Playing Conditions

After the previous surface had been lifted, the base was found to be in poor condition too, requiring the construction of a new chip seal base to support our multi-sport surface.

TigerTurf Advantage

TigerTurf Advantage is an outstanding tennis and
multi-sport surface that encourages players at the
top of their game to extend themselves even further,
while developing players can more readily improve their
skills on this technical tennis turf.

Playing Qualities And Longevity Sports Turf

TigerTurf Deluxe cricket turf for multi-use sports centres

A concrete slab was poured to form the base  for the new cricket nets at one end of the new sports centre. TigerTurf Deluxe cricket turf was an excellent choice for the batting end of the
cricket nets.

Deluxe has long been TigerTurf’s popular high-performance cricket surface, providing fast and true ball bounce on a fully non-directional surface. Innovative retractable
and portable cricket nets were functional additions to this versatile and multi-purpose facility.

The school required a sports facility that would encourage students to try different sports; yet specialised enough to provide high-quality facilities to train the schools elite sports stars.


TigerTurf Advantage for high performance multi-sports facilities

The school required a dedicated court suitable for every level of basketball and netball, to which rotating hoops were added for convenience in setting up the court for play.

TigerTurf Advantage, our most popular multisport turf, was laid over a BSW 10mm shock pad to provide a safe playing surface for all users, reducing the potential impact of falls
and the risk of strain from constant training and competition. Installing a pad beneath the sports surface will augment the playing qualities and longevity of our high-performance sports turfs.

For the football and hockey sports field, St Kevin’s College again recognised the many benefits offered by this outstanding multi-sports surface. For this field, TigerTurf Advantage
was laid over an Alveosport shock pad to form a vertically draining sports system that will soften falls and lift performance for football and hockey. A little softer than the BSW 10mm
shock pad, the Alveosport shock pad provides increased shoe-to-turf grip interaction and greater ball bounce reduction.

The students at St Kevin’s are now able to play safely all year round on their attractive, colourful Advantage sport facility. The top-level teams can carry out a full training programme
to extend their range of skills, while players new to a sport can take part in a regular learning programme in safe playing conditions.

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