St Paul’s College Artificial Turf Cricket Nets
St Paul’s College Artificial Turf Cricket Nets

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St Paul’s College Artificial Turf Cricket Nets

TigerTurf was especially privileged to be asked to fully manage a project to build a new, robust, three-lane cricket net at St Paul’s College, Ponsonby, and to be part of the school’s programme intended to encourage students to play in cricket teams at all levels. The school has now the advantage of having former Black Cap, Dion Nash, as a new parent at the school and keen to coach bowlers in the First XI, in partnership with the Deputy Principal, Craig Borich, a former First-Class cricketer who will coach batting and manage the development team.



Icon - November 2020

Date Project Completed

November 2020

Icon - 25.0m x 10.8m – 3 Lane Cricket Net


25.0m x 10.8m – 3 Lane Cricket Net

Icon - TigerTurf Premier and Tournament


TigerTurf Premier and Tournament

Icon - New Concrete Pad


New Concrete Pad

Dion Nash has supported the drive to raise the profile of cricket at St Paul’s College

Dion Nash has supported the drive to raise the profile of cricket at St Paul’s College

Dion Nash was keen to help improve the standard of cricket facilities at the school, beginning with the construction of completely new TigerTurf practice wickets. These provide the perfect wickets on which train school cricket teams, making it possible for the First XI to play at a higher level than previously. The aim is to lift the standard and numbers of the school cricket teams, and to have a strong development team coming through.

The new wickets were part of the renovation of all the facilities at St Paul College to bring the school up to the standard required by the modern school curriculum. The building programme complete, the principal has turned his attention to the need to provide quality cricket facilities to allow more teams to have adequate practice hours on responsive cricket surfaces. With Dion Nash to provide the best advice possible, the school selected TigerTurf as the right partner for this project.

TigerTurf Premier

Premier artificial turf has been developed for younger cricketers, schools and clubs. With realistic turn and bounce, it allows players to develop their cricketing skills on a true surface – at an affordable price.

Premier is fire rated and suitable for indoor applications.


TigerTurf Premier cricket surface is a quality, durable surface for cricket practice wickets

TigerTurf Premier quality cricket surface is designed especially for cricketers in schools and clubs. With realistic turn and bounce, the TigerTurf Premier all-weather practice wickets give young cricketers a true surface that is playable every day. They will be rewarded for regular practise on their bowling and batting skills by steadily improving and adding to their repertoire of skills.

TigerTurf Tournament is a versatile, durable and safe multi-sport surface – perfect for batting on

The bowlers make their run-up on TigerTurf Tournament installed over a free-draining, stable base designed to withstand constant hard wear. The medium pile, fibrillated surface offers secure traction in all weather conditions. Tournament is one of our durable, versatile TigerTurf multi-sport turfs, frequently selected by schools, clubs, and home owners for its hardwearing qualities and consistency of performance at an affordable price.

Fully fenced 3m high practice nets with an angled top designed for the safety of players

Around the perimeter of the wickets, TigerTurf constructed the 3m high galvanised fencing for the wickets, with an angled top to deflect fast high balls from coming down onto the players.

The new wickets have exceeded expectations in attracting many students to join cricket teams

The new principal, Kieran Fouhy, saw the need for better cricket facilities to allow young cricketers to learn and practise advanced skills safely. Safe practice conditions on the superb non-slip all-weather surfaces of the new cricket nets have given more young cricketers the confidence to join teams and put time and energy into improving their skills in these attractive, top-quality wickets.

The TigerTurf practice nets attract positive responses from enthusiastic students

The St Paul’s boys greeted the new wickets with enthusiasm from the outset, players keen to practise for long sessions to become better cricketers with the help of their talented coaches. The entire school community is proud of the superb new TigerTurf practice nets, completed with the usual TigerTurf professional finish.

TigerTurf was very pleased to work with the principal and his team to coax more students into cricket to balance the enthusiasm for winter sports. The new cricket wickets have certainly achieved that objective, and added an attractive feature to the school grounds that will provide top quality playing conditions for many years, requiring very little maintenance to stay on top of their game.

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