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The students, having spurned the boring, worn-out grey courts, now race to their fabulous TigerTurf Trophy multi-sports courts at every opportunity. And these technical multi-sport beauties will perform at the top of their game for at least another decade of vigorous student play.
The two brilliant blue and red TigerTurf Trophy courts replaced the old, dull, unused asphalt courts that were slippery, poorly drained, with cracked, uneven surfaces. As school rolls increase by the year, all areas of school playgrounds need to be brought into use.
Furthermore, the modern school curriculum requires modern resources and outdoor areas to support student learning and physical skills, developing neural pathways and coordination. To do this, schools must have modern, technical outdoor facilities.



Icon - Nov 2021

Date Project Completed

Nov 2021

Icon - 33.1m x 16.7m & 28.9m x 13.9m


33.1m x 16.7m & 28.9m x 13.9m

Icon - Trophy, Light Blue and Red


Trophy, Light Blue and Red

Icon - Existing Asphalt Base


Existing Asphalt Base

TigerTurf Trophy multi-sport, multi-purpose performance turf

TigerTurf Trophy multi-sport, multi-purpose performance turf

Stanmore Bay School is working hard to modernise its facilities to extend curricular and recreational learning for its students.
TigerTurf worked with the school on the design and specifications for two modern technical sports courts to bring the school playground to life with colourful fun-filled areas suitable for all outdoor activities.

TigerTurf Trophy was selected for both courts. Produced in Auckland, TigerTurf Trophy is one of our most popular surfaces for international and national hockey and tennis facilities throughout the world as well as for schools.

Research and testing are carried out at our London research centre to develop durable, technical turf sports surfaces to meet the requirements of top-level sports teams. These same qualities create superb durable, multi-use outdoor surfaces for school, club and home use.

From the outset, TigerTurf Trophy became a winner for school grounds, with its incredible durability and high-performance qualities giving schools excellent value for their investment.

The value for schools is increased by the multi-sport qualities of TigerTurf Trophy, allowing schools to use a single area for several sports and curricular activities, as well as recreational playground fun.
In rich, lasting colours, TigerTurf Trophy creates appealing, safe, all-weather playgrounds

In rich, lasting colours, TigerTurf Trophy creates appealing, safe, all-weather playgrounds

TigerTurf manufactures Trophy in a generous palette of clear vivid colours that are perfect for creating stimulating, fabulous designs for games, creativity and fun. The dense, soft textured surface of TigerTurf Trophy is dry and comfortable to sit on for al fresco classwork, assemblies and lunchtime.

The dense textured non-abrasive yarn surface of Trophy provides excellent traction underfoot and, when tumbles do occur, as they do, the risk of grazes and injury is significantly reduced.

TigerTurf Trophy has great qualities for most ball sports, and is especially loved by schools for its brilliant, irresistible colours, multi-purpose qualities and longevity.

TigerTurf is often asked back by schools for a second or third TigerTurf Trophy project as they work through a programme of modernising dull, asphalt playgrounds.


TigerTurf Trophy is a dressed surface designed for multi-sport use in schools and clubs. It is excellent for hockey* and tennis and meets the exacting standards
of an FIH National category sand dressed field as well as being ITF fast paced certified.


Low maintenance TigerTurf grass areas are immaculate landscape features in every season

School grounds with natural grass on high-traffic and playing areas are usually out of bounds in winter, dusty, dirty and unsightly in summer, unless hours of summer irrigation are possible – soaking up a greedy portion of school budgets.

The two TigerTurf multi-sport courts were completed with modern, portable goals

TigerTurf school projects are a favourite with our construction teams, who take pride in completing every installation with a professional, lasting finish, including edging and modern sports equipment.

Difficult access is a common problem for school grounds and residential projects, which our TigerTurf teams are used to negotiating safely to complete successful projects for our clients. Stanmore Bay School required difficult access around the school, with a tight fit through a car park – all negotiated safely by the installation team to renovate the existing old asphalt surface and prepare it for the sparkling new TigerTurf Trophy multi-use surface.

The TigerTurf Trophy courts at Stanmore School include new netball posts, easily adjusted to suit each team using the courts.

The attractive, cheerful light-blue and scarlet courts became student magnets from the first play day, the netball goals enthusiastically put to good use at every opportunity. As they should be.

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