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Sylvia Park School

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Sylvia Park School

Sylvia Park School asked TigerTurf for an engaging, bright, fresh playground to replace unsightly, cracked concrete that had to go. The classrooms now open onto a vibrant TigerTurf Trophy all-weather playground packed with fun, adventure and inspiration.

TigerTurf playgrounds are designed with a dash of razzle dazzle to enchant students and staff. Then, we spin our looms to create brilliant, multi-functional sports areas and playgrounds.
Sylvia Park School wanted an imaginative, colourful TigerTurf playground at the heart of the classroom block, and games, please, loads of games to burn energy, build skills and, above all, to generate spontaneous fun and excitement every day.

TigerTurf added skilfully crafted, finely detailed designs to stimulate imaginative play or just to enjoy. The games and designs are inset within the playground surface in cheerful colours to delight and inspire, with the school logo to mark this as the students’ own place.

The construction team first repaired the existing surface as the base for the TigerTurf Trophy surface. We formed a plan with the school to work safely around the difficult access to the playground area.
The playground site was precisely measured, because the cutting and installation process was tightly detailed. Buildings, gardens, and benches form irregular shapes around walls and corners, which gives each playground its own personality. The challenge is to form all this into a cohesive, functional design.





Icon - September 2021

Date Project Completed

September 2021

Icon - 830 Sqm


830 Sqm

Icon - Trophy



Icon - Baser Patching


Baser Patching

TigerTurf Trophy is a brilliant tonic for school grounds – colourful, functional and fun

TigerTurf Trophy is a brilliant tonic for school grounds – colourful, functional and fun

Move over boring and dull – the dashing TigerTurf Trophy playground vibrates with energy, shaped to inspire learning through play. TigerTurf uses Trophy’s vibrant colour palette to create engaging playground games and designs in brilliant colours.

TigerTurf Trophy is a high-performance sports turf produced with excellent qualities for many ball sports in schools, clubs, national and international tennis and hockey tournaments. Certified ITF fast (Tennis), FIH certified (Hockey), and Aena (Netball).

A brilliant multi-sport turf, Trophy is also a multi-functional playground surface, with excellent traction in all weather. 

Warm up on school mornings with energetic aerobics in the playground, move onto assembly, followed by PE sports and exercises, drama rehearsals, and games – 

TigerTurf Trophy is an inviting and interactive playground turf with a softer, non-abrasive surface, and a low level of sand infill less likely to be tracked through school corridors and classrooms. Schools and clubs immediately recognised the value of these qualities, making Trophy one of our best-selling sport turfs, quickly followed by a meteoric rise to becoming one of our playground favourites. 

Trophy’s outstanding durability and versatility, with minimal maintenance, are popular features, of course. TigerTurf can install Trophy over your asphalt or concrete surfaces, or as the star of a new construction project.


TigerTurf Trophy is a dressed surface designed for multi-sport use in schools and clubs. It is excellent for hockey* and tennis and meets the exacting standards of an FIH National category sand dressed field as well as being ITF fast paced certified. It also provides consistent performance for sports such as basketball, netball and playgrounds, as well as a brilliant multi-purpose surface suitable for general Gym use.


Perennial favourites and modern designs for creative play, and so much more

The heavenly blue Trophy surface shimmers with jewel-coloured games and images. Long, supple necklaces for number snakes, neat squares of clear primary colours for hopscotch and four-square, and brilliant patterns of geometric shapes.

The combination of different shapes is carefully controlled by using the same scale and the same palette of vivid, fresh colours throughout the playground to create a dazzling display at the heart of the school that wakes to joyously noisy life at the start of the school day.

TigerTurf games and designs stimulate concentration, coordination, friendships, creativity…..not subjects to be studied at a desk, or set for homework, these essential attributes can only be acquired by play that is loosely structured by engaging, shared activities, both physical and fantasy.

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