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Tahunanui School

The TigerTurf Trophy sports courts at Tahunanui School are sensational: more functional, more fun, and a handsome feature at the front of the school.

The old asphalt netball courts at the front of Tahunanui School were in a shabby state with an uneven, unsafe surface, tired hoops and awkwardly placed court markings.

TigerTurf was engaged to create fresh, bright synthetic courts with a modern sports surface that could be used for netball and basketball, as well as curricular PE and general school activities. Just as important was that the courts became an eye-catching feature at the front of the school.



Icon - 2022

Date Project Completed


Icon - 1000m2



Icon - Trophy + SINE Pad


Trophy + SINE Pad

Icon - Existing Asphalt court area


Existing Asphalt court area

TENCATE GRASS Sine pad offers extra benefits in functionality and sustainability

TENCATE GRASS Sine pad offers extra benefits in functionality and sustainability

TigerTurf carried out remedial asphalt patching to bring the court surface up to the standard required to support the completed courts.

Then the TENCATE GRASS Sine pad was installed for many fantastic qualities that future-proof the site.

Drainage is simplified by a system of linked cells that draw surface water efficiently from the turf to the drains

The structure of the Sine pad minimises any base imperfections to maintain a perfectly level court surface.

As a safety pad, Sine outshines others with its ability to cushion impact, creating safer playing conditions for students during sport and while enjoying recreational play with friends.
TigerTurf Trophy multi-sports courts

TigerTurf Trophy multi-sports courts

TigerTurf Trophy was chosen for its superb multi-sport qualities, advanced yarn technology that requires less sand infill, increased durability, and a softer finish that is less abrasive on knees and elbows.

Trophy comes in a variety of bright engaging colours that attract students and the attention of passers-by. No wonder TigerTurf Trophy is the most popular surface for New Zealand schools.


TigerTurf Trophy is a dressed surface designed for multi-sport use in schools and clubs. It is excellent for hockey* and tennis and meets the exacting standards of an FIH National category sand dressed field as well as being ITF fast paced certified. It also provides consistent performance for sports such as basketball, netball and playgrounds, as well as a brilliant multi-purpose surface suitable for general Gym use.


Excellence is evident in the detail and professional finish of every TigerTurf project

The Trophy surface was installed with brighter, better court markings, spaced to allow safer playing conditions for the students.

The project rose to the next level with the installation of new netball hoops from Mayfield Sports, adding a dash of style with their black powder-coated finish.

We installed fantastic basketball hoops from Airtime Hoops, featuring adjustable height with locking mechanisms, sprung hoops, glass back boards and protective padding around the posts.

The TigerTurf Trophy courts are certainly the multi-functional crowd-stoppers the school requested. 

Best of all, the courts pulse with energy and fun throughout the day – the students and community love their fabulous courts.

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