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Tauranga Boys College

The magnificent deep blue TigerTurf WETT Pro hockey pitch at Tauranga Boys’ College replaced
the well-worn, sand-dressed vintage TigerTurf hockey surface laid fourteen years ago. Tauranga
Boys’ Hockey teams are set to excel on their high performance pitch.



Icon - January 2017

Date Project Completed

January 2017

Icon - 5,750m2



Icon - TigerTurf WETT Pro


TigerTurf WETT Pro

Icon - Existing Asphalt Base


Existing Asphalt Base

The Tauranga College Story

The Tauranga College Story

The new TigerTurf WETT Pro turf installed at Tauranga Boys’ College replaced the well-worn, sand-dressed vintage
TigerDry hockey surface laid fourteen years ago. It has been put to rest, and the full-size WETT Pro hockey pitch is now
centre stage. Resplendent in vivid deep blue, it glows in the clear coastal light of the Bay of Plenty.
What Makes WETT Pro So Good?

What Makes WETT Pro So Good?

The texturised monofilament yarn used for
the WETT Pro hockey surface produces
a playing surface that allows the ball
to travel easily in any direction. Hockey
players can also move their sticks readily
in all directions without the stick catching
or dragging. TigerTurf WETT Pro is FIH
Global certified and meets the highest level
of FIH performance standards.

TigerTurf WETT Pro

TigerTurf WETT Pro system has been tested to
current FIH (Federation International Hockey)
Global standards
Providing longer life expectancy than any other
product on the market TigerTurf has developed the
WETT Pro surface using advanced fibre technology
exclusive to TigerTurf.
The unique texturised monofilament yarn ensures a
grain free playing surface which means the ball and
stick travels smoothly in all direction.
WETT Pro’s hard wearing characteristics also make it
an ideal surface within the gym environment, making it
ideal for resistance training.


Did TigerTurf replace the existing rubber shockpad? After lifting the existing turf, the team made  some minor repairs to the rubber underlay.

TigerTurf rubber systems are guaranteed to last for the playing-life of two turfs, and this rubber mat has stood the test of time and wear, being in excellent condition for its  second turf replacement.

The project manager was pleased to see how well the rubber underlay had stood up to ten years of play during a busy ten year  school hockey schedule, and judges it will achieve a third turf replacement without problems. Good news for the school’s budgeting team.

Why did the School choose Tigerturf  WETT Pro?  TigerTurf WETT Pro is our premium hockey product. Designed to be used as a wet or dry hockey pitch, it will play superbly for longer than any other turf currently on the  market.

Tauranga Boys College can easily convert the dry pitch to a wet pitch with a simple ring main and water cannons installation. Magic!

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