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Victoria University asked us to provide a TigerTurf sports facility for football and full contact rugby training. As this facility would be heavily used by the Phoenix team as well as a general indoor training turf it needed to be a high-performance pitch. TigerTurf Endurance 60 was the answer.





Icon - December 2019

Date Project Completed

December 2019

Icon - 560m2



Icon - TigerTurf Endurance 60


TigerTurf Endurance 60

Icon - Existing base


Existing base

High Performance Sports Turf

High Performance Sports Turf

The TigerTurf Endurance 60 indoor sports field for rugby and football not only looks superb, it is a highperformance sports turf that meets the demands of the IRB and FIFA standards. Manufactured from “bullet proof” Tencate XP yarn, Endurance 60 withstands rigorous playing conditions, and even allows players to wear flat sports shoes or studs without incurring damage to the synthetic surface.
Specialised Rugby And Football Turf

Specialised Rugby And Football Turf

As proof of our faith in the durability of this playing turf, we give a 5-year unlimited-use guarantee, which is well beyond the current warranties offered by other manufacturers. We took this guarantee a step further and extended it to include flat sole shoes and studded boots! TigerTurf installed the highly durable Endurance
60 over a Trocellen Foam shock pad to comply with IRB and FIFA requirements, and to absorb the impact of hard training or falls that could damage the joints and limbs of vigorous players.

TigerTurf Endurance 60

TigerTurf’s Atomic Pro 60 has been developed specifically for a range of sports including Football (certified), Rugby, AFL, Futsal and Rugby League
(not certified). Atomic Pro 60 is both a Football Q and Football Q Pro compliant surface. It is the result of years of research and development
to replicate the characteristics of natural turf while enhancing player performance and safety.

A modern, highly technical synthetic sports system for rugby and football
The Victoria University campus provides students with many excellent sports facilities; however, this extremely popular indoor sports facility was now a safety concern, with holes
appearing and seams pulling apart.

It was time to upgrade to a technical sports turf specific for rugby and football, suitable for teams at the top of their game, such as the Phoenix, and for more general play.

Upon lifting the existing surface, we discovered that extra work was required to get this sports facility performing at its best. As this is an indoor facility, we also had to comply with the specific Building Code requirements and provide a facility that met the relevant Fire Regulations.

To meet the Fire Regulations, the TigerTurf construction team installed the Endurance 60 surface with a Virgin rubber or TPE infill along with an added fire-retardant additive. Its rich green colour with crisp white markings has an added benefit – it is cooler to play on as it absorbs less heat and maintains the aesthetics of a fresh green grass pitch in tip top condition.

TigerTurf Endurance 60 met the brief for a tough, durable football and rugby surface
Clear white lines define the playing areas for football and rugby, though this facility can be used for many similar activities, making it an economical, versatile surface for clubs, families and educational institutions.

The indoor football and rugby facility will be heavily used in general but, in particular, will be thoroughly tested by the Phoenix Football team. Fortunately, all our Endurance surfaces
withstand constant, rigorous play spanning many years.

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