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Wanganui Girls College

A bright new TigerTurf Tournament 1000 multi-sports surface celebrates Wanganui Girls’ High
School’s recovery from the 2015 floods.



Icon - January 2016

Date Project Completed

January 2016

Icon - 3,489m2



Icon - TigerTurf Tournament 1000


TigerTurf Tournament 1000

Icon - Existing Asphalt Base


Existing Asphalt Base

The Wanganui Girls Story

The Wanganui Girls Story

TigerTurf designed and installed a
colourful multi-sport facility marked
permanently for tennis, netball, hockey,
football and a running track for Wanganui
Girls’ High School as part of the recovery
work after the floods of 2015, during
which the sports area was inundated by
muddy flood water.
 Successful All-Weather Surface

Successful All-Weather Surface

A successful all-weather surface,
TigerTurf Tournament 1000 was installed
over an existing asphalt area in the school
grounds. The worn asphalt surface had
become dangerously slippery in wet
weather, offering very little value to the
school as a sports area. Asphalt is a hard
and unforgiving surface for use by sports
teams, becoming drab and grey as it

TigerTurf Tournament 1000

TigerTurf Tournament 1000 is a medium-pile, sand
filled tennis surface. TigerTurf Tournament 1000 is a
durable, low maintenance tennis surface and has been
one of our most popular tennis surfaces, particularly in
schools, for over 30 years.
It is a medium pile, sand filled, fibrillated surface; hard
wearing, long lasting and designed for clubs and
multi-sport use in schools that have high usage on
their courts.

Positive Steps For The School

The school grounds fared badly from the  floods of 2015, causing distress to the school community and leaving the sports grounds under a thick layer of smelly silt. After the floods, the local fire service hosed the courts down to wash the silt off, leaving the area tidy again.

The sports area was now clean, and ready for its dramatic makeover. The freshly installed turf surface has rejuvenated the school grounds, and represents a positive step forward for the school.

The removal of the central fence, opened up the available space to accommodate the multi-sport facility, which will be used for the school’s tennis, netball, hockey, football team practices and interschool competitions. The facility includes a perimeter running track permanently marked with lanes for training and exercise purposes.

The 2016 school year will open with the new sports facility ready for action. And, whatever the weather, it will always be ready for Wanganui High School teams to surge into action, engaging in any one of several sports, well into the future.

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