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The TigerTurf Advantage courts at Wellington College provide a top level international standard
tennis surface for the students and an excellent dressed hockey surface for training – there are no
better multi-sport courts in the region.



Icon - March 2017

Date Project Completed

March 2017

Icon - 2,500m2



Icon - TigerTurf Advantage


TigerTurf Advantage

Icon - Existing Asphalt Base


Existing Asphalt Base

The Wellington College Story

The Wellington College Story

The existing TigerTurf courts had worn wonderfully well over 15 years of hard use; however, now the College
wanted top-of-the-line courts for the sports teams to train on. The original courts were still surfaced with our
19mm sand-filled turf, but the signs of age were beginning to show.
Top Tennis Surface

Top Tennis Surface

TigerTurf Advantage is our top tennis
surface, and that’s the one Wellington
College selected.

TigerTurf Advantage

TigerTurf Advantage is an outstanding tennis and
multi-sport surface that encourages players at the
top of their game to extend themselves even further,
while developing players can more readily improve their
skills on this technical tennis turf.
Advantage is at the top of our tennis range. It is an
extremely hardwearing medium pile surface and comes
with a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty.
TigerTurf Advantage is also an excellent surface within
the Gym environment. Its hard wearing characteristics
make it ideal for resistance training, high impact and
indoor field sports.

Generating A High Performance Game

Advantage is a technically advanced, durable surface tested to ITF standards, taking spin and giving excellent grip for players who push the limits, game after game. TigerTurf Advantage is also a fantastic dressed hockey surface to train on.

Even after years of heavy use, the playing surface retains its shape and structure,  generating a high performance game with a depth of resilience unmatched by other dressed surfaces .

The facility was completed with new mesh fencing around the perimeter, to keep supporters safe from the hardhitting Wellington College tennis and hockey teams while they cheer for their
favourites. Wellington College has perhaps the best multi-use turf in the Wellington region for the next 15 years of enthusiastic playing hours, through summer and winter.

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