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Synthetic Turf Specialist

Creo Fitness

Auckland, New Zealand

Dynamic TigerTurf WETT Pro is ready for action at Creo Fitness

The dedicated owner and team at Creo Fitness Pukekohe wanted the best trams surface for their clients which is why they choose TigerTurf WETT Pro; the most durable high performing surface in the industry.

Creo Fitness want to provide their clients with the training conditions they deserve so they can achieve their personal best. This innovative gym owner seized the opportunity to install our WETT Pro sports turf in the functional fitness room.

TigerTurf WETT Pro adds colour, texture and performance to a functional space. The turf also absorbs noise and cushions the impact of weights and sleds.

TigerTurf WETT Pro is the best gym surface for strength training

The Creo trainers and instructors love the new WETT Pro surface for its uplifting vibe, but mainly because it has vastly improved the functionality of the strength-building area.

TigerTurf manufactures WETT Pro from an advanced textured monofilament yarn and the best components for sports turf systems in the world. TenCate, the top international supplier of quality yarns, is our partner and supplier.

WETT Pro is a strong and durable training surface

Super strong and robust, TigerTurf WETT Pro is an outstanding product for use in gyms. Apart from its well-known durability through years of heavy use, it functions perfectly when used in gyms, with a dense, smooth surface for sleds, sprints, boxing, weight training and general workouts. On this safe, non-slip surface, trainers and their clients have extremely good traction underfoot for sled training and fast exercise routines such as boxing and sprint training.

Unlike many turf surfaces, the technical sports surfaces produced by TigerTurf allow free movement in all directions. The yarns used in these products are free of grain or bias, giving your clients a much better strength-building experience.

Contrasting tram lines cut into the surface provides further flexibility in training routines.

TigerTurf surfaces stay fresh and clean

A clean fresh green turf surface is more inviting than a grey floor. Because the surface is a breeze to keep clean, it remains attractive and inviting for many years of constant use.

Odours are not absorbed by the yarns in our turfs, so no unpleasant remnants of stale sweat linger in the functional fitness room to disrupt the calm green zen of TigerTurf WETT Pro.

Date Project Completed: April 2018

Area: 113m2

Surface: TigerTurf WETT Pro

Base: Existing concrete base

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