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Synthetic Turf Specialist

Maintenance of TigerTurf synthetic turf sports surfaces

TigerTurf synthetic turf sport surfaces need far less maintenance than natural turf fields need, but to get the best out of a TigerTurf synthetic grass surface, certain carefully followed maintenance procedures will not only improve how the synthetic turf surface plays but will also extend its life span. On completion of the installation, a TigerTurf Maintenance guide is provided for the Facility Manager.


TigerTurf maintenance teams keep your turf in play

Your synthetic turf sports surface will be maintained in top playing condition by the specialist maintenance providers we work with. The dedicated maintenance team will groom the artificial grass, spray the synthetic grass surface to prevent moss and other fungal growth, check all seams and offer advice on other turf-related issues.

This light maintenance programme keeps your sports turf performing at a high standard. It will also avoid unnecessary and expensive "rejuvenation" by maintenance contractors. A well-maintained TigerTurf sports surface can out-perform and outlast a neglected area by up to 25%.

Prolong your synthetic turf surface's lifespan and protect your investment.

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