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There have been a lot of recent claims regarding the safety, health and environmental issues associated with synthetic grass.   There are numerous reports from highly reputable independent sources which conclude that synthetic surfaces are safe and do not have a negative impact on humans or the environment.  To make it a little easier to understand we have prepared a document 'Synthetic surfaces for sport and recreation - an explanation for potential users'. Please contact us on NZinfo@tigerturf.com or 0800 804 134 for a copy.

TigerTurf's synthetic grass is made from either polypropylene or polyethylene yarn depending on its end use.  These materials are durable and U.V stabilised for Australian conditions, sourced from TenCate Grass, the world’s leading yarn manufacturer.  The yarn is tufted into a polypropylene backing cloth and rubber back for maximum turf retention.

No, we don't hire turf.  Unfortunately everyone wants something different, different types of turf, in different sizes for different activities. 

Our primary business is to manufacture and install custom made surfaces for a range of sports, schools, residential and commercial applications.  Each surface is manufactured to meet the specific needs, specifications and size of our customers.

TigerTurf has its own manufacturing facilities around the world. TigerTurf supplied in the Asia Pacific region is manufactured in Auckland, New Zealand and exported throughout Australasia, the Pacific, Asia and India. TigerTurf has been manufactured in New Zealand for over 32 years.

We offer a wide range of sport field and landscape systems for all levels of users and budgets. From custom systems and those tested to meet stringent sport governing bodies to more commonly used products, we can accommodate your needs.

With our full-service, in-continent manufacturing facilities (one in Texas, the other in Brazil) we're able to leverage the very latest proven technology to produce every single system, quickly and efficiently. So we can deliver better value to every customer in a timely manner.


Yes. In fact, TigerTurf systems have specially designed drainage holes placed consistently throughout the turf to ensure water sheds quickly and efficiently and does not pool on the surface.

Games and practices can often be held during storms or immediately thereafter, without heightened risk of slipping or injury, due to these drainage systems and the fibres’ ability to shed water quickly.

Sub bases upon which TigerTurf systems are installed should be designed to provide superior drainage properties as well. Recommended specifications are available from TigerTurf to help ensure the entire system, sub base to blades of grass, drains appropriately for years to come.

Yes. We take pride in delivering quality systems and stand firmly behind them. Although the length of our product warranties varies depending on the surface, it covers every aspect of the turf, from blades to backing.

In addition, many of the contractors we work with regularly offer warranties for their products (i.e. sub bases) and services.

Our advanced turf technology is designed to offer playability akin to optimum natural grass year-round without the costly maintenance and use limitations.

At any time you'll have access to an aesthetically pleasing surface that retains its consistency over years of demanding use. Our systems are designed to deliver traction and shock absorption like the very best grass in whatever weather comes your way!

Imagine all the use you'll gain with greens available round the clock year-round, without the expense and work of manicuring, watering, fertilizing and more.


We do not recommend the use of rubber infill in poolside areas – the granules may find their way into the pool. Alternately, use short pile, dense grade products that are adhered to an existing base and due to their structure they require limited infill. Example of short pile is “TigerPutt” or long pile “Envy or Summer Envy” with minimum sand infill only.

Synthetic grass is very resistant to staining. Spills can be cleaned easily.  Damage to the grass can be repaired, in a similar method to repairing carpet.

Once the grass had been installed, it should then be in-filled with the correct specification and quantity of sand and/or rubber. The infill is important because it provides weight to secure the carpet and helps provide support to the grass fibres thereby improving performance in wear and visual appearance of the lawn. Surfaces that have long pile (+25mm) that claim to require no infill have proven over many years to have limited life cycle.

The synthetic grass must be laid on a suitable base - often similar to a paving base.  This is a constructed or prepared base which ensures the grass is laid flat and looks natural and great.  The installed grass is 'in-filled' with sand or sand and rubber for the most natural look and to secure the grass in place.

Installation of a perfect synthetic grass is naturally dependent on the quality of workmanship during all stages of the process.  We recommend that TigerTurf be installed by qualified contractors to ensure the best result.

Yes.  TigerTurf synthetic grass can be purchased on a supply only basis.  Our warranty is for the product only and does not cover any faults due to incorrect installation or workmanship.  TigerTurf recommends installation by experienced and reputable installers.

For residential installations we have agents around New Zealand (Australia), who are able to visit you and quote for supply and installation of TigerTurf synthetic grasses.  Please contact us on 0800 804 134 so we can direct your enquiry to the most suitable local partner.

No. We use a proven, technologically advanced UV coating to ensure each blade of grass retains its colour for the life of the system. This coating is effective in all climates and is not affected by use.

Yes. Our grass is made from the highest quality yarns which have no toxic properties. All coatings, backings, glue, etc. that we use in the production process are also non-toxic, passing all ASTM and IPEMA requirements for use by children, animals and the environment

Site inspections are required to provide full quotations due to sub surface and site conditions.  As a guideline, most fully installed synthetic grass areas cost around $110 per square meter. Calculate your area in square meters, length x width, and multiply by the $ rate factor.

Only if you want more leisure time, a pristine yard and a surface your kids can play on all year. Sure, you might miss the smell of new-mown grass but you’ll soon become a TigerTurf convert – saying goodbye to mowing, watering, weeding, re-seeding and unhealthy spraying. And TigerTurf’s new Indian Summer Turf looks even more realistic. (See story back cover.) 

Just think; no more mud wallow in winter, “dead” areas in the shade or bare patches in summer. And no more guilty conscience when you’re using your weekends for what you really want to do – just perfect lawn every day of the year.


Absolutely, our surfaces can be installed directly onto a concrete pad with little if any base preparation. In fact, it is the best performing base for our surfaces.

We have several turfs that make excellent Multi-Sport surfaces for Tennis, Hockey but also Volleyball, Netball & Football.

Tennis, Netball, Hockey, Football, Athletics, Basketball and Cricket can all be played on the one surface as well as general PE and other games and activities.

More dedicated surfaces can be installed to cater specifically to Football, Hockey, Rugby and Cricket as well as landscaped areas to beautify and reduce maintenance.

There are many reasons, but the main ones are that students are more active and participate more on synthetic pitches, the rate and severity of injuries is reduced and because of the consistency and accessibility of the all-weather surfaces, students can reach their full potential on top class playing surfaces.

Being all-weather surfaces they are open 24/7 and students don’t find their sports fields closed because of bad weather. Many different sports and games can be played on the same surface maximising available capacity and maintenance is significantly reduced.


5 top tips to keep your TigerTurf sports surface in tip top condition this summer

1. Keep it regular – the key to keeping your court in optimum condition is to groom it frequently – even more so when it is not being used.  Foot traffic is the best medicine for your turf!

2. Pets – Pets love TigerTurf’s landscape grass but it’s best to try and keep them off your sports surface.  Remember to remove any pet “debris” immediately.

3. Keep the courts clear of leaves and other organic matter.  Remove as and when necessary to avoid the breakdown of leaves etc contaminating the sand filter and preventing the surface from draining freely.

4. Spot treat grass/weeds with Roundup as and when necessary – this should be applied separately to moss treatment

5. Enjoy it!  The best thing you can do for your surface is to play on it - the more it is used the better it will perform!


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TigerTurf manufactures and installs high quality products for a range of sports, leisure and landscape applications.

We are committed to providing expert knowledge and advice on synthetic turf products and systems, along with exceptional customer service before, during and after your purchase.