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Auckland, New Zealand

Storm destroys tennis surface; TigerTurf reinstates with new, quality Tournament court

Ruined by a storm driven flood, the existing synthetic tennis court surface was irreparable. Replacing it with a bright, new TigerTurf Tournament surface has transformed the court, reinstating it to its pre-flood status and providing many more years of tennis fun.

The original tennis turf was unplayable after a neighbouring creek, blocked by tree branches and storm debris, spilled over its banks and into nearby properties.  A sorry sight, the existing synthetic turf court surface was impossible to repair.

A site for sore eyes...

As the waters receeded it became clear that the silt and grime and other damage to the surface would be extremely difficult to reinstate back to its pre-flood status. 

The insurance company agreed to a full replacement of the tennis surface with the help of TigerTurf’s letter detailing the damage and confirming that the surface was beyond repair.

Cleaning away the debris was a major task in itself, which had to be carried out before the sodden turf surface could be lifted and a new surface was laid. 

The client did a great job of removing the debris, mud and existing court turf, which was extremely heavy to lift after the flood conditions. 

Reinstatement constrained by Insurance pay out

The insurance company’s replacement offer limited the choice of surfaces available to our client.  

The best option was to go with our popular, durable TigerTurf Tournament, its performance well tested on Australasian tennis courts for over two decades. 

Happy endings!

Now the property looks handsome with its fresh new tennis court in cool, calm greens, and the full capital value of the home has been restored. 

But, most important, the family now has a good quality tennis surface, on which to enjoy many more years of fun with friends and family.

Date Project Completed: September 2018

Area: 573m2

Surface: TigerTurf Tournament

Base: Existing asphalt base

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