NRG XWR Landscape
NRG XWR Landscape


NRG XWR Landscape

TigerTurf NRG XWR is a new generation of multi-sports turf that does not require mobile microplastic infill. Its unique design and combination of yarns means that the NRG range of products may well be our most hard-wearing synthetic grass turf yet.
TigerTurf NRG (No Rubber Granules) because this new-generation product does not require any performance infill of rubber granules, TPE, EPDM or similar, meaning no mobile micro-plastic particles, which inevitably end up in our waterways via storm water systems or clothing.
The extreme durability of NRG XWR (Extreme Wear Resistance) is woven into its very fabric. NRG XWR is constructed from two of the most wear-resistant technical yarns available today.
TenCate Grass developed its successful XWR monofilament yarn for football and rugby sports turfs, especially for high-use situations. Our own incredibly durable texturised monofilament hockey yarn sits in the base of the NGR XWR turf system to provide support to the XWR monofilament yarn as well as cushioning impact for players – producing a revolutionary generation of more environmentally sensitive sports products offering exceptional play and longevity.
NRG XWR indicates TigerTurf’s intention to produce sustainable synthetic grasses that last longer, are recyclable, and manufactured with a high proportion of safe recycled product.




NRG XWR is a rich green sweep of lawn, and so much more…

NRG XWR is a rich green sweep of lawn, and so much more…

The beautiful, natural appearance of an NRG XWR synthetic grass lawn is backed by immeasurable benefits often lacking in a natural grass lawn. Our soft green premium landscape lawn has twice the amount of yarn in each square metre than is used in any other landscape product currently on the market, and this dense thatch is as beautiful as it is durable.

TigerTurf NRG XWR retains its flawless good looks with minimal maintenance. Draining quickly after rain, these lawns are all clean, green softness with no mud, prickles or allergens even in shady, difficult areas that become muddy and slippery in winters, dusty and parched in high summer. For schools, replacing these natural grass lawns with an incredibly hard-wearing all-weather NRG XWR lawn extends the use of your school grounds and keeps classrooms dry and free of mud.

For residential lawns, drives and paths, NRG XWR forms long-lasting, dry, non-slip pathways and lawns that are perfect for children and pets to play on throughout the year. No mowing, fertilising, prickles or allergens, nor does this lawn harbour pests such as fleas. Older children can play soccer, tennis and other sports, in fact enjoy any energetic activities on this accommodating lawn.
NRG XWR comes into its own as an outstanding landscape product for commercial and community settings.

NRG XWR comes into its own as an outstanding landscape product for commercial and community settings.

The versatile uses and superb appearance of this lawn is a fabulous asset for landscape designers and architects. The genuinely hard-wearing qualities of the yarns and manufacturing processes used to produce our top landscape grass forms a dense, soft surface underfoot that will drain quickly after rain, is safe and clean to walk on wet or dry, and its dense surface reduces noise from traffic, machinery and loud voices.

The benefits and potential uses for TigerTurf’s premium landscape lawn will stimulate some innovative landscape designs. In terms of function alone, non-slip, level paths surfaced with TigerTurf NRG XWR are a safe, attractive surface for all foot traffic, including walking sticks and crutches, wheelchairs and mobility scooters.

Durable, dry, soft NRG XWR lawns provide seating for recreational use, lunchtimes and events. Our premium lawn is a feature that architects can use to beautify landscaped gardens and bring sound-absorbing, soft green texture to hard surfaces in built-up areas.

TigerTurf NRG XWR

  • UV stabilised for minimal fading
  • A durable surface for heavy foot-traffic and sports in every season
  • Easily maintained by removing organic debris with no irrigation, mowing or fertilising required
  • Install over timber, crushed rock, asphalt, porous or non-porous concrete
  • A ten-year warranty
  • No rubber infill or mobile micro-plastics
  • The synthetic fibres stay upright with the support of the dense thatch base layer
  • Provides consistent, high-performance qualities despite constant hard wear
  • Ideal all-weather multi-sports surface for football, hockey and other sports
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