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Sports Mad?

By admin on December 13, 2017

Are your family sports mad?  For more than tennis, consider a

TigerTurf MultiPlay court for your backyard!


For ever and a day, people have been building tennis courts in their back yards.  This enables family and friends to get together for a few games, socialise, get a bit of exercise and have some fun.

But tennis is just one sport.  With TigerTurf’s multi-sport surfaces, your tennis court can also be used for hockey practice, developing football skills, basketball, netball, a cricket practice net; there are many options.

A TigerTurf MultiPlay court at home is a wonderful investment for all the family, drawing together all ages and skill levels to play together, creating the scene for leisure, fitness, skills development and family fun.

Turn your dream of a tennis court into a TigerTurf MultiPlay court, and you will invoke many more opportunities for fun and your family will become fit and happy as they form long-term healthy family relationships.

The ultimate solution for your sports mad family

It is just as easy to lay a court surface that works brilliantly for tennis, and for hockey, netball, basketball, football and family social events.

Families often have many different sports interests as schools extend the sports available to their students. By installing a good quality TigerTurf MultiPlay synthetic court, you provide your children with the opportunity to improve their technique safely and conveniently in your own garden, for many years.

A TigerTurf MultiPlay court provides more fun and games than just a tennis court

When it’s time to resurface your existing tennis court, talk to our tennis and multi-sport experts about your family’s sporting interests and find out how we can make one court work even better for all your family.

TigerTurf courts provide you with a dry, level surface that looks attractive every day, needs very little maintenance and will become an enjoyable part of your family life. That’s reason enough for a MultiPlay court, but there are plenty of other great ideas you could include.

TigerTurf use different colours and line markings to distinguish different games and sports within the turf.  These are either tufted into the turf during manufacture or cut into the turf during installation.  We are the experts, having established and installed hundreds of multi-sport courts in schools over the past 30 years.

Don’t have enough room for a full-sized tennis court?  Talk to TigerTurf about MultiPlay courts for smaller gardens

You don’t need the space of a full-size tennis court to enjoy the benefits of the TigerTurf MultiPlay court.  As gardens have become smaller, sports have adapted to be played in a tighter, more concentrated format. Loosely translated, this generally means an even tougher workout.

TigerTurf multi-play surfaces have been tested for many sports

Our multi-sports surfaces are the product of many years of research and development, and have been variously accredited by international sports bodies for tennis, hockey, football and cricket – the different products will hold different accreditations, which your TigerTurf advisor can explain.

TigerTurf Evo Pro

TigerTurf Trophy

TigerTurf Advantage

When you’ve had enough of games, transform your MultiPlay court into an entertaining and dining venue for special occasions

Holding large functions for family and friends is made much easier when you have a level, dry and very attractive landscape lawn to set up tables and chairs, lights and food.

Christmas becomes much more fun; family celebrations such as weddings and birthdays are a breeze. Even simple family picnics on summer evenings are more pleasant on a soft, dry lawn.

Talk to us about what you’d like to achieve, and we can design a successful MultiPlay court that will provide versatility, flexibility and safety, be a striking feature in your garden and bring enormous value to your lifestyle.

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