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4 essential maintenance considerations before installing a new 3G pitch

By admin on January 30, 2017

So, you’ve seen a brand new 3G pitch at a local club or school and you’ve started to wonder whether your own facility could benefit from an artificial grass playing surface of its own. After all, with winter leaving natural pitches looking worse for wear, and both training sessions and competitive fixtures often at risk of postponement, the benefits of a 3G pitch begin to sell themselves.

While the cost of the artificial grass itself and the installation work required will be quoted by your contractor, many end-users forget to factor in the cost of ongoing maintenance requirements for the lifespan of their pitch. This can stretch budgets and hamper both the appearance of the pitch and its performance, leaving owners and users frustrated.

To avoid these risks and maximise your return on investment, the following essential maintenance considerations should always be made from the outset:



Keeping the pitch clear of debris, the turf upright, and the infill evenly spread is no easy task. Before having your pitch installed, make sure budget is set aside for a compact tractor with a triangular drag brush as well as for the provision of rubbish bins at any entry points to the pitch and a litter picker so that regular leaf and litter collection can be carried out.



Will your new 3G pitch be looked after by your existing ground staff, or might you need to employ someone to ensure the latest addition to your facility is maintained properly? If the need is there for an additional salary (or a pay increase for anyone expected to look after the pitch out of hours), make sure this is factored in to the lifetime cost of the surface at its planning stage.



How often will your new pitch be in use? And for how long? These are two of the most important questions you should ask – not only to assess how often the pitch needs to be cleared and brushed, but also, in the case of your AGP funding application, how quickly you can achieve payback on your initial outlay.


External support

You might have a great deal of expertise on site, but it is advisable to have an artificial grass specialist carry out a maintenance regime on a regular basis – which could be anywhere between every few months and every year depending on the frequency of usage.  Your 3G pitch will not need mowing like natural grass, but having an outsourced specialist top-up the infill, carry out decompaction, provide full pitch chemical moss and weed treatments, and perform repairs will help to extend the life of your pitch.

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