Artificial Grass for your Garden: The 1st and best ultimate detailed Guide

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Artificial Grass for your Garden

Artificial Grass for your Garden. With the height of summer approaching, it’s likely that you’re going to be spending a lot more time in your garden. Looking outside, you may see it needs a bit of TLC to get it ready for hosting those summer gatherings, barbecues and picnics. But if you’re tired of the hassle that comes along with keeping your garden in tip-top condition, it may be worth considering an artificial lawn. Artificial grass for your garden not only look great, but they offer a luxurious, long-life alternative to real grass. In this post, we’ll highlight all of the benefits while sharing some of our top landscape products so that you can choose the right one for you.

Here at TigerTurf, we manufacture high-quality artificial grass for your garden. We are committed to providing expert knowledge and advice on synthetic turf products and systems, along with exceptional customer service before, during and after your purchase. If you’d like to find out more, contact us on 01299 253966.

No Mowing

Gone are the days of having to mow your lawn! Artificial grass is so low-maintenance; you don’t need to keep any special equipment to keep it in great condition. Once it’s installed, that’s it – it’s yours to enjoy not only for this summer, but for years to come. Our Finesse lawn is our best-selling artificial grass for your garden. Mixing green and jute tone fibres, Finesse has a natural look which replicates real grass.

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UV Resistant

There’s no need to worry about artificial grass losing its colour and fading in the sun; our fantastic range of landscape lawns are UV resistant and stand the test of time, meaning you can enjoy a vibrant garden all-year-round.  Finesse Lite uses the classic Finesse recipe to recreate the same look, but with a shorter pile. This is a great option for an impressive, natural-looking lawn.

No Mud, No Mess

With an effective drainage system, our range of artificial grass for your garden are not prone to flooding and, without the need for soil, you can say goodbye to muddy puddles and dirty shoes (or paws!). For an extra luxurious look and feel, opt for our Finesse Deluxe, which combines all of the natural-looking characteristics of Finesse, but with a higher pile height and more density.

Green All-Year-Roundartificial grass gardens

There’s no need for fertiliser or to water dry patches – our artificial lawns are vibrant and green all-year-round, no matter the weather! If you’re looking for the all-green look, check out Vision. This pristine artificial grass replicates a perfect, well-manicured lawn. Or, for a dense and plush look, opt for the Vision Deluxe; combining the same green tones as its sister Vision, the Deluxe has longer fibres and denser pile, making it feel more luxurious under foot.

Allergy Free

Hay fever can really get in the way of a relaxing day in the sun and is an unpleasant ordeal to have to put up with. Well, with an artificial grass garden, you can forget about itchy eyes, dry throats and runny noses! Reclaim your spot in the garden with one of our landscape lawns. With three different pile heights to choose from (26mm, 30mm and 35mm), Vienna lawn dense, soft and plush. The two-tone green combined with jute thatch gives the look of a fresh, perfect lawn all-year-round. Part of our new CITY range, the Vienna uses newly developed colour yarns.

Child Friendly

artificial grass gardens

Safe for children, our range of landscape products not only withstand all weather conditions, but can also survive the wrath of energetic little’uns! Our Eden lawn combines three different green tones and a jute thatch, creating a comfortable feeling surface with a look that replicates natural grass. Our Dublin product is a unique grass that uses a dark lime green fibre combined with jute thatch, and has a long 30mm pile height. Both of these lawns are suitable for use in the garden, but can also be used in playgrounds, making them the perfect choice if you have children.

Pet Friendly

For those with four-legged friends, all of the products in our range are suitable for pets. Durable and safe, our lawns are a great choice! Our London lawn, from our new CITY range, comes in two pile heights (30mm and 35mm). Strong, dense and long, London is perfect if you’re looking for a luxury, natural looking fresh lawn all-year-round, even with pets.

So, if you’re looking for artificial grass for your garden that will provide you with all of these great benefits, be sure to get in touch with our friendly team on 01299 253966. We’ll be more than happy to help you achieve your dream garden.