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Opening a new facility

Opening a new facility

The opening of a new facility can often be the change needed for schools to encourage students to play more sport, but how about for those looking to deal with an already high demand? Such was the case at Hurstpierpoint College, where mass participation in hockey had left the school’s existing pitch struggling to cope.

Hurstpierpoint College

Providing access to Hockey for all

Hurstpierpoint College


Hurstpierpoint College is an independent day and boarding school in West Sussex with an enviable sporting record. But, as the number of students interested in playing hockey continued to grow, it became clear that the school’s ageing sand-based pitch was no longer up to the task.

What was needed was a versatile and durable surface, able to accommodate varying levels of sport for an increasingly active body of students. Working with specialist contractors, Bernhard’s Sports Surfaces, the school decided that Evo Pro would provide the long-lasting surface needed, complying with FIH’s National standard for added peace of mind.

The result was even better than expected. As well as providing over 30 hours of usage per week, the school soon noted a rise in the quality of its hockey thanks to the fast and consistent play offered by the pitch. What’s more, Hurstpierpoint College has even been chosen as the home of Sussex hockey – with the county’s training and trials now run from the new pitch.

Such is the project’s success that the Hurstpierpoint College is in the process of investing in a second Evo Pro pitch, extending its topnotch facilities even further.

Scott Simkins, Head of Hockey at Hurst, added: “The existing surface we had just wasn’t good enough – we had too many boys and girls wanting to play hockey and, to make matters worse, it looked like a beach.

The new TigerTurf pitch is of high enough quality to accommodate sport from junior to elite level, all at a low cost. Although it is sanddressed, the pitch plays like an expensive water-based one but without the cost of the chemicals and water we would need to maintain it. The standard of hockey improved along with the speed of the game right from the outset.

Aesthetically, the pitch is amazing and has become a huge attraction for the school in line with the rising standard of Hockey played at Hurst. It’s been less than 12 months and we’re already in the process of getting another TigerTurf Evo Pro pitch, which is testament to how good the pitch is, how much the pupils have enjoyed playing on it and seen their game improve, we love it!”