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Ringwood Community Hub

Ringwood Town FC recently began re-development work on their Long Lane Community Hub. Supported by New Forest District Council, AFC Bournemouth Community Trust and the Football Foundation, the club are future proofing their facilities for the modern age.

Date Project Completed

February 2023


Atomic Pro 50



A UK first field

Part of this re-development included a state-of-the-art Atomic Pro 50 3G pitch, that also features a UK first engineered sports performance base layer built by TigerTurf partners, McArdle Sport Tec.

ecocept, is a popular base layer created by TigerTurf, the recipe is usually made up of 100% recycled mixed waste plastics, however for Ringwood Town, TigerTurf created a UK first version, primarily using end-of-life artificial grass fields.

1.4 million drinks bottles!

The majority of raw material for ecocept was taken from end-of-life artificial grass pitches, the rest of the mixture was taken from off-cuts from new build sites, TigerTurf UK production off-cuts, test pieces and trims and household waste. All material used, was uplifted and recycled in the UK, recycling 70,490kgs of plastic, the equivalent of 1.4 million drinks bottles!

As well as the ecocept base, the club chose to make use of trekboards, an infill mitigation system also manufactured using 100% recycled mixed waste plastics. One field of trekboards saves 4320kgs CO2 emissions and is the equivalent of recycling 600,00 carrier bags! Trekboards can also be recycled at end-of-life and re-processed back into more trekboards, creating a cradle-to-cradle solution.

TigerTurf’s Atomic Pro 50 artificial grass surface was chosen to provide a FIFA accredited, quality accompaniment to the ecocept base. Using the Atomic Pro 50 and ecocept system, allowed Ringwood Town to also achieve a 37% reduction in SBR infill use, compared to a traditional system.

This is a significant development for sustainable construction in sports facilities and demonstrates the commitment of TigerTurf UK, McArdle Sport Tec and the Football Foundation towards applying eco-friendly practices and products into their projects.

A sustainable system, built for future generations

The new field provides a high-quality playing surface for the club and the local community while also reducing environmental impact by using recycled materials. The addition of the new pitch and sports performance layer will help to improve the playing experience for players and provide a new, modern facility for the community.