Multi Sports


Multi Sports

Looking for a more versatile surface? Multi-use gaming area pitches are the perfect choice for a whole host of sports such as tennis, netball, football, cricket and hockey.

Looking for a more versatile surface? Multi-use gaming area pitches are the perfect choice for a whole host of sports such as tennis, netball, football, cricket and hockey.

TigerTurf’s multi-sport synthetic turfs are widely used throughout the UK to give facilities versatile, robust multi-sports grounds..

There’s no need to limit your capabilities to just one sport. With a multi-use pitch, the possibilities are endless. Featuring innovative, high-quality MUGA turf options for every occasion, we provide sports enthusiasts with stunning playing fields that meet the stringent standards set by industry leading accreditations.

Players of all ages and abilities will see the benefits of this surface no matter what their sporting background. The hard wearing yarns that make this product allow the surface’s high performance to be sustained over time. Whether it is used for football, tennis, hockey or cricket, players will benefit from a surface that boasts a diverse appeal without compromising quality of play.

A multi-use pitch allows you to broaden your offering, with the ability to carry out multiple sports games all in one place. To understand which multi-use games area product works best for your requirements, our dedicated team of experts will work closely with you to understand your needs and design custom-made pitches that align with what you’re looking for.

We go above and beyond to deliver artificial multi-use games areas that not only replicate the look and feel of natural grass but also offer enhanced durability, resilience, and playability. That way, no matter the game, players can reach their full potential without limitations.

Benefits of an artificial football pitch


Save on costs

With a multi-use pitch, you needn’t just focus on one sport. Not only are you saving money by having one versatile pitch, you’re also opening up additional revenue streams to education and community sports facilities.


All-Weather Playability

The vivid hues and bright, clear markings of all-weather multi-purpose playgrounds and sports facilities encourage even reluctant children to play.


Low Maintenance

TigerTurf's artificial pitches require significantly less maintenance compared to natural grass pitches. This saves time, resources, and costs associated with regular maintenance, making artificial pitch a cost-effective option in the long run.


Product warranty

By producing our products in our very own factories based in Worcestershire, we can make sure they all meet our impeccably high standards. Our products also come with an 8-year UV warranty for your peace of mind.


Player safety

Synthetic turf remains non-slip even in rain, meaning no more cuts and bruises caused by hard falls.


Customisable Design

Whether you’re after an artificial football pitch that can also double up as a hockey pitch or even for rugby on the weekends, TigerTurf multi-use turf grounds can include line markings for several sports, such as tennis, netball, hockey, and perhaps even a running track.


Multi-use capabilities

Flexible netting is often used so that several different activities can take place on the multi-sport synthetic surface at the same time.


International Supplier & Distributor

Our sports artificial grass are a real jet-setter. While carefully crafted in our Worcestershire facilities, we supply TigerTurf products across the UK, Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

How TigerTurf™ works!

TigerTurf manufacture our industry leading artificial grass in Worcestershire, UK. We work with the UK's top sports pitch contractors to deliver and build your expert facility.


“We have been very impressed with the Evo Pro surface and are delighted to see just how many students and members of public have been enjoying it.”

Stuart Phillips

Business Manager at The Winston Churchill School

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