3G Pitches: What are the best and worst boots to wear?

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3G pitches are everywhere nowadays, meaning any football or rugby fanatic is likely to find themselves on one during a casual kick about, training session, or competitive match. However, there are certain types of boots that should never be worn on this surface. But with so many options available on the market, it can be hard to really know what pair you should be putting on.

To help you tackle the turf and dress your feet for success, we’ve provided a quick guide. Our guide covers the footwear dos and don’ts for 3G pitches.

No Studs.

First things first, don’t wear anything with full metal studs on. Soft ground soleplates with metal studs are simply not designed with 3G pitches in mind. In fact, they are best kept for natural pitches, where they penetrate wet muddy ground to give better grip and traction. If you wear these on a 3G surface you’ll be putting yourself at risk of an injury, such as a rolled ankle or stress to the knee. This is due to the lack of rotation, meaning your `body weight could end up going one way…while your foot remains in the same place.

Plastic studs are ok.

Do, however, consider plastic studded footwear. In particular, an Artificial Ground (AG) boot is perfect for 3G artificial grass thanks to its conical studs. These allow the boot to move and rotate freely, without damaging the surface. They offer good grip and often the studs are hollowed out to keep them lightweight and impact absorbing.

Firm ground boots with round studs.

Another Do is firm ground football or rugby boots with round plastic studs. In particular, what’s attractive about these as an option is that they are multi-functional and can be used on both 3G and natural pitches. Be careful to purchase boots with a reinforced toe though, as those without can wear away quickly on this surface.

Keep this guide in mind the next time you’re packing your kit for the game or purchasing a new pair of boots and you’ll already be one step closer to the win.

You can view our footwear poster guide here.

If you’re interested in finding out more about 3G pitches, why not contact us to speak to an expert?

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