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Rugby played on synthetic turf fields

Rugby is increasingly played on synthetic turf fields. TigerTurf’s rugby systems are certified by the IRB and tested to meet the demands of professional and community facility operators. Our rugby turf fields meet the performance specifications for player safety, ball performance and surface durability.

  • TigerTurf’s rugby systems are designed to replicate the best natural grass fields.
  • TigerTurf's soft, non-abrasive fibres have the colour, feel and performance of natural grass.
  • The grass  is manufactured with either TenCate’s Patented Evolution fibre or XP Blade +, and is designed to remain upright so rugby players can get their feet under the ball more easily.
  • TigerTurf’s rugby systems allow sliding tackles and give freedom of movement for the player to perform a full selection of skills.
  • Lower down in the fibres sits a layer of recycled rubber, which adds resilience to control ball bounce and absorbs impact.
  • The drawbacks of natural turf are eliminated.
    • Cancelled matches due to waterlogged pitches are a thing of the past
    • No heavy maintenance is required to restore worn surfaces
    • Daily maintenance is reduced dramatically
  • The result – a perfect rugby pitch all year round.


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