About TigerTurf™

About TigerTurf

About TigerTurf™

TigerTurf NZ is New Zealand’s first and only synthetic turf company, proudly manufacturing artificial turf for the Asia and Pacific regions since 1981.

TigerTurf NZ is New Zealand’s first and only synthetic turf company, proudly manufacturing artificial turf for the Asia and Pacific regions since 1981.

New Zealand’s only synthetic turf manufacturer with a passion for performance

TigerTurf New Zealand provides synthetic turf surfaces for sports grounds, school campuses, playground, residential lawns and home recreation and commercial landscaping.  Artificial grass tennis courts, cricket wickets, bowling surfaces, practice golf greens, hockey and football fields and artificial lawns will all perform consistently well when surfaced with TigerTurf synthetic turf.

Quality and Innovation

We control the quality of our synthetic turf systems at every step of the production process. We control where and how our yarns are extruded. We control which products go into our fibres. We develop and manufacture the backing cloths we tuft into. We develop, manufacture and build the performance bases that we lay our turf systems over. We manufacture our own surfaces in our own factories. We control the quality and performance standards of every synthetic turf system we create. And finally, we can recycle our old end-of-life products into new start-of-life products.

Accreditations and Memberships

Because of the quality, performance and realistic nature of TigerTurf’s artificial grass, along with all its intrinsic benefits, TigerTurf is recommended for training and competition at the highest levels. Many of TigerTurf’s artificial grass turfs have been approved and certified by world sporting bodies, including FIFA, World Rugby, FIH, ITF, as well as being ISO 9001 accredited.

Experience and Expertise

As a customer you want to make sure the company you choose to work with knows what they are doing. TigerTurf has been in the synthetic turf industry for almost 40 years and has been instrumental in developing the products and systems that result in world class, top performing surfaces. TigerTurf designs, manufactures, installs and maintains its surfaces, applying the innovation and expertise gained over the years into every project, large or small.

Made in New Zealand

Almost all our products are manufactured in our factory in Auckland, NZ. TigerTurf began manufacturing in Auckland in 1981 and grew to become one of the largest synthetic turf manufacturers in the world. As our products are manufactured in our own facility in New Zealand, with materials manufactured by our parent company TenCate Grass, we are able to ensure quality is maintained throughout the manufacturing process.

Industry leading products

Our industry leading products cover a range of uses for sports, in all levels of education and in sports grounds for elite and community levels of play. We also provide quality surfaces for domestic and commercial landscaping. If you are planning synthetic turf for your next project, talk to us first. We can help you chose the right products for your facility.

Find your local installer

Find your local installer

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