Why adding a Backyard Game Zone is the best choice for your family


A backyard game zone made from artificial lawn is the perfect solution to your family’s rapidly changing interests.

Kids grow and their interests change constantly. It can get difficult to provide them with an outdoor space at home that caters to all of their (sometimes competing) interests.

The solution? A game-zone made from high-quality synthetic grass! With a little bit of maintenance, your family can enjoy a customized space and make memories for many years to come.

Interested? Read on!

Enjoy a low maintenance lawn

A synthetic lawn is easy to care for and requires very little maintenance compared to natural grass. Low maintenance, however, does not mean “no” maintenance. Small but consistent efforts will keep your game-zone in game-ready condition at all times.

To keep your play area looking its best, regularly:

  1. Clear debris from all areas of the game zone.
  2. Remove sharp objects that can cause tears or rips.
  3. Check for moss, weeds, or algae and treat according to supplier guidelines.
  4. Keep surrounding areas tidy.

You will no longer need to join the suburban symphony of lawnmowers on the weekend. Instead spend more time with your family, enjoying a game of backyard cricket, or perfecting your golf swing.

Learn more about how easy it is to care for your artificial grass here. 

Create a durable and long-lasting family area

Artificial lawns are designed with durability in mind. Enjoy hours of family time running after balls or chasing after bike riding beginners – without damaging your grass.

Due to its durability, a backyard games zone will last you for years and grow to meet your family’s needs. You’ll have a consistent and undamaged pitch at your family cricket contest every Christmas for years to come.

Customise your backyard game zone to suit your family

Families are growing and evolving day by day. Additions are made to the family, children grow up, and interests change quicker than the seasons.

A game zone made from artificial grass is the perfect solution that can be customized to suit the demands of your changing family.

For toddlers and young kids, a safe play area is important, as they learn to walk, fall or ride bikes.

For a small child-friendly play area, try adding:

  • Swings
  • Slides
  • A climbing frame
  • Monkey bars
  • A bike track
  • Themed seating and decor
  • A tree-house
  • A trampoline

As your children grow up, they may develop a fascination with sport. An artificial grass game-zone will provide them with space to develop their skills, try new tricks, and hone their athletic abilities.

Depending on your family’s interests, your backyard game zone could include:

  • Goalposts
  • A hockey “d”
  • Basketball or netball hoops
  • Tennis, badminton, or volleyball nets
  • Cricket nets
  • Golf tees and holes
  • Other specialist sports equipment

You can also customize your backyard game zone by colour. Ensure all the interests of your children are represented in a designated area in your own backyard!

Check out why our multiplay court is perfect for your sports-mad family. 

Enjoy stress-free and easy entertaining with your game zone

Save yourself the stress of getting your property presentable before your guests come over. With just a dash of effort, synthetic grass always looks its best.

Spend time dreaming up creative dishes or fun ways to entertain your guests at a summer barbecue, rather than rushing around with a lawnmower and other garden equipment.

Enjoy a fun outdoor game together before dinner, and then relax watching the kids compete in a friendly round of bean bag toss after the meal is over. What a stress-free way to spend a balmy summer evening!

Even your pets will love the addition of artificial lawns

An artificial lawn is perfect for all members of the family, even the furry ones. Your pooch will enjoy joining in with the whole family or will relish a game of fetch on a nice even surface.

With a synthetic game zone in your backyard, you won’t need to worry about the animals digging holes everywhere or walking muddy pawprints through the house.

Cleaning up after your pets is easy on synthetic grass. Simply hose the soiled area with water to remove smells and residue or dispose of your pet’s number 2’s as normal, followed by a quick hose down of the area.

Read more about pets and artificial grass in our blog post here.

Residential landscape Dog on turf

Safe play for the whole family

The even and consistent surface of artificial grass provides the perfect environment for your new family game zone. Enjoy outdoor lawn games without tripping over tufts of natural grass, falling into invisible valleys, or spraining ankles.

With a synthetic grass backyard game zone, families of all ages can enjoy fitness, fun and create lifelong memories in their own backyard, without worrying about suffering from minor injuries or massive clean-ups.

If you are interested in adding a game zone to your backyard, feel free to get in touch with us today.



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