All Saints Catholic Primary School
All Saints Catholic Primary School

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All Saints Catholic Primary School

“We love our bright new TigerTurf court. The once dull grey unloved courts are now the most popular area in the school!” says the principal of Portland’s All Saints Catholic Primary School.



Date Project Completed

March 2016




TigerTurf Tournament


Existing asphalt base

The All Saints School Story

The All Saints School Story

The drab netball court at All Saints needed an overhaul. The asphalt was cracked and uneven, with tree roots pushing through the surface at one end. Puddles formed after rain, so the court couldn’t be used for some time. Not only unsafe to play on, it was also uninviting – time for some TigerTurf magic.

Why Choose TigerTurf Tournament?

Why Choose TigerTurf Tournament?

TigerTurf Tournament is always popular for schools and for home recreational sports as it has playing qualities suitable for several sports. Our TigerTurf multisports surfaces are long-lasting, durable turfs, requiring little maintenance to remain at the top of their game. No surprise then that these are the playing surfaces we install most frequently at schools.

TigerTurf Tournament

Tournament is a reliable, quality tennis surface made by TigerTurf and is a good value investment for recreational tennis and schools multi-sports court. It is a medium pile, sand filled, fibrillated tennis surface. Its hardwearing, versatile yarn makes it suitable for courts of all types from private homes to tennis clubs and multisport use in schools.

Focus Of Active Play

What were the School’s requirements?

The school wanted the court to become the focus of active play for the students for recreation and class sports throughout the year.

TigerTurf prepared the area for the new TigerTurf Tournament surface. Our construction team dug out the tree roots and repaired the base to form a safe, readily draining support for the new turf.

Do the courts meet the School’s expectations?

The children love the bright, colourful court with its sky blue playing area, surrounded by fresh green turf. They rush down to play on it during breaks in the school day, as well as for regular class sports.

Perfect for practice time, and for weekend games, the court is getting plenty of use for netball and basketball, with permanent line markings for both these sports.

And now, even after heavy rainfall, the court can be used safely, with no disruption to the school’s timetable.