Balwyn High School
Balwyn High School

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Balwyn High School

“The new, purpose-built TigerTurf sports field is a dream come true,” said Rob Handreck, at the opening of the Balwyn High School sports facility named after him.





Date Project Completed

May 2015




TigerTurf Endurance 40 and Tournament 1000


New crushed rock base

The Balwyn High School Story

The Balwyn High School Story

“This sports field will undoubtedly take our PE and Sport Programmes to the next level. Our teachers and our students are very, very excited about using it,” added Rob.

Meeting All Expectations

Meeting All Expectations

The Balwyn High School sports arena has fulfilled all expectations, and is already taking the school’s sports training and development programme ahead in leaps and bounds.

TigerTurf Endurance 40

A highly durable long pile product designed for high usage areas providing excellent playability for all age groups. This surfacing system uti lises TenCate XP Blade+ yarn which is the only yarn in the world sold with an unlimited play durability warranty from the yarn manufacturer. Suitable for play with fl at soled shoes.

Top Performing Sports Facility

The story began with Balwyn High School’s decision to upgrade the existing sports oval. Having a clay base, it nevitably dried out to be hard and lumpy in the summer, becoming wet, muddy and dangerously slippery in the winter months.

After an exhaustive tender process the new sports field design and installation was awarded to TigerTurf. But first, the TigerTurf team did a thorough inspection of the site, identifying many site-specific challenges, as well as opportunities.

It was clear that a full geotechnical inspection should be commissioned before any planning began, so the school and TigerTurf had all the facts needed to design a top performing sports facility.

With this in mind, TigerTurf took senior school leaders to visit similar facilities built by TigerTurf, to show them what was possible on a site such as theirs. They discussed the school requirements now and in the future, so we all had a clear understanding of the brief, and of the possibilities of the site.

Our plan addressed all the school’s sport needs, while including learning spaces, shade, storage for sports equipment and hydration technology. Our construction plan took into account the findings of the geotechnical report, focusing on the structural integrity of the base, with a sturdy platform to mitigate any reactive movement over time.

We considered the number of pupils at the school, allowing for growth in the future, which affected the performance and durability required of the surfaces.

Our specifications were designed to avoid the need for untimely replacement of the sports surface.