Balwyn Primary School
Balwyn Primary School

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Balwyn Primary School

Balwyn Primary School and TigerTurf already had a great working relationship. Now it was time to add some modern sports technology to the original 2001 TigerTurf multi-sports oval!






Date Project Completed

April 2017






TigerTurf Endurance Play and Tournament 1000



Regraded existing crushed rock base

The Balwyn Primary School Story

The Balwyn Primary School Story

This pioneering school, which installed a TigerTurf multi-sports oval in 2001, upgrades to the latest technology in 2017. Balwyn Primary School was one of the first schools to install a TigerTurf multi-sport oval. The original surface was still in good condition after 16 years of heavy use, and fulfilling the demands of the school’s busy sports timetable. However, this is a school that likes to give its pupils the best sports facilities available.

Used For All Ball Sports

Used For All Ball Sports

Having heard about our longer pile, nonabrasive sports turfs, Balwyn asked us to install some of our modern synthetic sports technology at their hard-working oval. The oval is now chiefly used for ball sports such as futsal and football, and our technical sports turfs have been developed with excellent performance characteristics for these sports.

TigerTurf Endurance Play

TigerTurf Endurance Play surfacing system, utilising TenCate XP Pro yarn, offers unbeatable performance and unmatched durability.

Tremendously Popular

Successful combination of TigerTurf multi-sports surfaces

Our suggestion was a combination of long-pile and short pile turfs – namely, TigerTurf Endurance Play and TigerTurf Tournament 1000.

• TigerTurf Endurance Play is a long-pile, non-abrasive surface suitable for many ball sports, and was laid in the centre of the oval at Balwyn Primary School. It has been permanently  marked up with futsal and soccer pitches.

• The long pile is made from our extremely durable XP Pro yarn designed for high usage sports fields, and is suitable for play in flat-soled shoes.

• An extra advantage for schools is the TenCate unlimited play durability warranty carried by Endurance Play. TenCate is the top international manufacturer of technical yarns for synthetic sport turfs.
• TigerTurf Tournament 1000 is a more traditional short-pile turf, here used for the bright terracotta running track around the oval pitch.

• A hard wearing multi-sport turf, Tournament 1000 has long been popular for use in schools throughout New Zealand and Australia.

The long-pile turfs were not yet dreamt of when we completed the original school oval multi-sport project in 2001 for this forward thinking school. The TigerTurf Endurance Play surface will reduce grazes caused by high speed skids and collisions amongst energetic young players.

The new TigerTurf multi-sport oval at Balwyn Primary School is already tremendously popular with the keen young sports people and their coaches.

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