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Booleroo Centre Bowling Club

TigerTurf SuperGreen quickly emerged as the bowling green surface of choice after the Booleroo Centre Bowling Club members visited several bowling clubs and tested their surfaces before making that important decision regarding the “best TigerTurf bowling green lawn for our Booleroo members.”



Date Project Completed

May 2021




TigerTurf SuperGreen


Existing base

TigerTurf SuperGreen surface of choice for Booleroo Centre Bowling Club

TigerTurf SuperGreen surface of choice for Booleroo Centre Bowling Club

After having seen the SuperGreen surface in play at several clubs and heard only positive recommendations by the club members, the Booleroo Centre members decided that replacing the worn sand-filled synthetic green surface with the TigerTurf SuperGreen surface would give them an outstanding green to bowl on for many years.

Outstanding Sand-Filled SuperGreen Bowls Surface for All-Season Bowling

Outstanding Sand-Filled SuperGreen Bowls Surface for All-Season Bowling

Fortunately, the club received a grant to assist with the project, which was finished before the onset of winter, giving them an all-season bowling green with longer hours of winter play. This allows the club to maintain its playing and tournament schedule throughout the year.

TigerTurf SuperGreen

SuperGreen is a true consistent surface available for play throughout a 12-month season. Increased playing time improves bowling skills and enables cancellation-free summer and winter tournaments. An Optional comfort pad provides superior player comfort underfoot.

A well-built base sustains your bowling green for long-lasting high-performance

The TigerTurf greens team removed the old surface and the top layer of the base, which we replaced with a new mix to create efficient drainage before laying the new green surface. Now, even heavy rain drains quickly from the green, leaving it ready for play soon after the rain finishes.

The members of the Booleroo Centre Bowling Club are delighted with the noticeably better standard of bowling they can now achieve on the club’s TigerTurf SuperGreen. They are looking forward to many more years of enjoyable play on their high-performance bowling green.

With two state-of-the-art bowling greens, the club members have more hours of their favourite game all year round. The club’s junior members now have a high standard of bowling surfaces on which they can develop a full range of skills more readily. On these first-class greens, the Booleroo members can confidently plan inter-club bowling competitions and will be able to host more tournaments each year.

TigerTurf SuperGreen bowling greens maintain their high performance for many years

TigerTurf SuperGreen is a tufted sand-filled bowling surface that has been certified and endorsed by World Bowls.

When correctly installed, SuperGreen drains quickly after rain and is safe to play on all year. One of the most popular greens for bowling, the TigerTurf SuperGreen surface needs only minimal maintenance and carries a limited manufacturer’s seven-year warranty.