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Busselton Hockey

Busselton Hockey Association now has a fabulous new WETT Pro hockey facility; the start of our hockey turfs, outperforming its competitors in performance and consistency.




Date Project Completed

March 2019






TigerTurf WETT Pro



Existing base

Outstanding Performance and Consistency

Outstanding Performance and Consistency

TigerTurf WETT Pro is the star of our hockey turfs, outperforming its competitors in performance and consistency. Top performing hockey players continually practice their skills; that’s how they become elite players who represent their province and, eventually, Australia. To reach their potential, they need a top performance hockey pitch; that’s where TigerTurf comes in.

Impressive Performance

Impressive Performance

When the Busselton Hockey Association decided to invest in a new high performance hockey turf it determined to select a turf supplier who could: Provide the best hockey products, Provide proven technical expertise and Support them with dependable service. After playing on Tiger Turf’s WETT Pro surface at Narrogin Hockey, the Busselton Association were impressed with the playing characteristics as well as the feedback about Tiger Turf. The Association also liked that TigerTurf was a key partner of Hockey Australia and major supporter of Hockey in Australia. And the fact that TigerTurf are part of the TenCate Grass group, one of the worlds’ largest synthetic yarn manufacturers, helped affirm their decision.

TigerTurf Wett Pro

TigerTurf WETT Pro system has been tested to current FIH (Federation International Hockey) Global standards. Providing longer life expectancy than any other product on the market, TigerTurf has developed the WETT Pro surface using advanced fibre technology exclusive to TigerTurf.

Hard Wearing Characteristics

Busselton’s keen hockey players will now have the edge they’ve been working for. WETT Pro hockey turf is made of textured monofilament, which produces a grain-free playing surface that allows the ball to travel smoothly in any direction. Hockey players can manoeuvre their stick in all directions without the turf grabbing or catching the stick to impede their stroke.

TigerTurf WETT Pro has proven to be durable even in constant use throughout the year, and has the longest playing life of any performance sports turf currently on the international market.

The local hockey community and players now have an outstanding surface on which to train and compete. The Association is looking forward to enjoying top level hockey for many seasons to come.

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