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Capel Bowls Club

“Thanks, TigerTurf, for the ongoing relationship. The new TigerTurf SuperGreen on “A” Green looks fantastic!” TigerTurf replaced the existing TigerTurf SuperGreen bowls surface after 12 years of excellent service for the Capel Bowls Club in Western Australia



Date Project Completed

November 2017




TigerTurf SuperGreen


Existing base

The Capel Story

The Capel Story

The TigerTurf SuperGreen surface at Capel Bowls Club had given reliable service over 12 years of regular play – now the members decided it was time to retire the “A” green surface. TigerTurf was asked back to resurface the green with our modern version of the club’s trusty old SuperGreen surface.

Greater Durability

Greater Durability

The modern TigerTurf SuperGreen is a 15mm pile surface with even greater durability than the green surface that we removed. The club can now look forward to enjoying many years of good performance from the new TigerTurf SuperGreen.

TigerTurf SuperGreen

SuperGreen is a tufted bowls carpet manufactured by TigerTurf. Since pioneering the first all-weather surfaces for bowls in 1989, TigerTurf has installed over 500 SuperGreen greens in New Zealand with many more sold in Australia and through our Asian Agents. TigerTurf’s part sand filled SuperGreen surface provides bowlers with a true, consistent surface that is available for play throughout a 12-month season.

A Sense Of Achievement

Well-constructed bases outlast two or three green surfaces
After lifting the old green, the TigerTurf instalment team found the base constructed by the previous TigerTurf team to support the first green was still in excellent condition. No need for repairs, let alone reconstruction.

The new TigerTurf SuperGreen turf was laid over the original, re-screeded, TigerTurf base, which was still doing good work behind the scene: strong, staunch and draining the surface effectively. Good work, team TigerTurf.

TigerTurf and Capel Bowls Club formed a winning team
The club is delighted with their bright, fresh bowls green that is already settling into its role and becoming a great surface to play on. There are already plans to replace “B” green in a couple of years, giving the club all-weather, durable, high performance greens all round.

The club has planned a grand opening of the splendid “A” green for next January, at which the Western Australia Department of Sport and Recreation will be represented. TigerTurf was delighted to be invited to join the celebrations – we enjoyed working with the club again, and look forward to future projects at Capel Bowls Club.