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Caroline Chisholm College

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Caroline Chisholm College

The fabulous TigerTurf multi-sport project is completed and extremely popular with the students at Caroline Chisholm College. This gives the students a much greater selection of sports to play on a single specialised multi-sport surface all year round.






Date Project Completed

February 2019






TigerTurf Endurance Play and Tournament 1000



Crushed rock base

Vibrant, Well-balanced Sports Field

Vibrant, Well-balanced Sports Field

TigerTurf built a fabulous new multi-sports facility at Caroline Chisholm College, which has given new life to a tired and unused area of the school grounds. The college has provided a vibrant, well-balanced sport and recreational space for a variety of learning purposes.

Designed For Several Types Of Sports

Designed For Several Types Of Sports

The multi-purpose TigerTurf Endurance Play sports surface fits this application perfectly, being designed for several sports, with permanent markings offering a combination of recreational activities.

TigerTurf Endurance Play

A highly durable long pile product designed for high usage areas providing excellent playability for all age groups. This surfacing system uti lises TenCate XP Blade+ yarn which is the only yarn in the world sold with an unlimited play durability warranty from the yarn manufacturer. Suitable for play with fl at soled shoes.

Instant Increase In Efficiency

Drainage and base construction to stabilise a reactive site
Our TigerTurf teams tailor our construction methods for every project, because each site presents very different site-specific conditions. The site at Caroline Chisholm College was a difficult area, dry and dusty during in summer, muddy and slippery in wet weather.

A geotech report of the site revealed extreme reactivity. To mitigate this, it was recommended we excavated the site to a depth of 500mm, replacing the soil with a variety of specific crushed rock layers. We also added a geofabric underlay to restrict the amount of moisture coming into contact with the sub-base.

TigerTurf Endurance Play is excellent for school and club sports

Unlike other synthetic football surfaces, the Endurance Play surface can accommodate users wearing any footwear which means  the school doesn’t need to monitor what shoes are being worn on the turf. Many sport turfs suppliers’ warranties specifically exclude wearing certain shoes making the management of the turf difficult.

TigerTurf multi-use turfs provide longterm value for your investment TigerTurf Endurance Play has been designed with school multi-sport requirements in mind.

The advantages of this surface are numerous:

• The surface is permanently marked with lines demarking all the sports the surface will mainly be used for, with the ability to use the surface for other ball sports and athletics too.

• As an all-weather surface installed with efficient drainage, this sports field will be ready for play soon after rainfall, with no mud to worry about.

• A safe, non-slip surface designed to support players who sprint, have to  stop suddenly, twist and turn often and are learning to perform advanced movements for sports such as hockey,
soccer, netball, and tennis.

• The school now has the perfect turf for physical education classes and  school sports days. Endurance Play is a durable, technical multi-sport surface designed for the future.

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