Emmaus Catholic Primary School
Emmaus Catholic Primary School

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Emmaus Catholic Primary School

Emmaus Primary School enjoys a pretty rural outlook in Ballarat, Victoria, an area prone to high rainfall, which the school doesn’t enjoy quite so much.




Date Project Completed

October 2016






TigerTurf Endurance Play and Tournament



Capping layer / crushed rock base

The Emmaus Story

The Emmaus Story

Outdoor activities were often restricted by the weather and muddy, slippery conditions, making it difficult to fulfil the curriculum requirements for physical activities, and for recreational play.

All-Weather Playground

All-Weather Playground

TigerTurf was asked to install an all-weather playground with some bright ideas to engage the children in outdoor activities: • Ready for play when the rain went away • Safe for children to scamper around on • Clean to avoid mud being tracked into classrooms • And fun, definitely a playground for fun and games

TigerTurf Endurance Play

Suitable for High Intensity Football, AFL and Cricket outfields. A highly durable long pile product designed for high usage areas providing excellent playability for all age groups. This surfacing system utilises TenCate XP Blade+ yarn which is the only yarn in the world sold with an unlimited play durability warranty from the yarn manufacturer. Suitable for play with flat soled shoes.

Geotechnical Analysing

A geotechnical site analysis can avoid expense later

At the outset of projects, we like to see a geotechnical report carried out on the site. This reveals any underlying characteristics we need to plan around. The geotechnical report of this site discovered that the local conditions were quite reactive.

To overcome this problem, we visited the local quarries and found a suitable capping layer material that would mitigate any future base movement. Constructing a stable base to support the turf system makes sure your TigerTurf surface will perform at its best for many years.

It is easy to do at the time of installation if you know how, and if you understand the site structure, and it certainly avoids unpleasant surprises down the track.

TigerTurf Endurance Play and Tournament cheer up rainy days
The playground was great fun for us to install, with all the colours of the rainbow to brighten  our day.  TigerTurf Endurance Play is the durable  synthetic green grass in the oval at Emmaus, which has been designed in two parts.

There is a games area using Tournament in vivid colourful insets:
• A sunny yellow and blue chessboard for interactive social play

• Two hopscotch designs in liquorish allsorts colours for children hopping with energy

• Two 4-square courts – always popular in school playgrounds

• Two bat tennis courts – so good for hand-eye coordination

The other part of the oval is marked up for mini-soccer and futsal, in fresh green TigerTurf Endurance Play with clear white lines.

And around the oval there is a terracotta running track for the teachers!

What a pity we can’t feed all that energy into the national grid!

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