Epping Views Primary School
Epping Views Primary School

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Epping Views Primary School

“Our fantastic, all-weather TigerTurf sports oval overcomes all the problems we had with the natural grass.” Epping Views Primary School students are delighted with their all-weather, colourful sports oval.




Date Project Completed

April 2017






TigerTurf Endurance Play and Tournament 1000



Capping layer and crushed rock

The Epping Views Story

The Epping Views Story

Epping Views Primary School, as one of the largest primary schools in Victoria, Australia, relied on the main sports oval being available throughout the year to allow the students to develop their skills. But the natural grass oval was often out of play because of problems that are encountered by many schools

TigerTurf Endurance Play and Tournament 1000 Won The Day

TigerTurf Endurance Play and Tournament 1000 Won The Day

The Victorian weather caused the usual problems, with muddy winters and dry, dusty summers spoiling the fun for the students, and disrupting the school’s curriculum. • Foot traffic wore the natural grass surface unevenly, and regrowth was impossible. • Additionally, the high level of maintenance required by the natural grass oval placed a heavy burden on the school’s finances.

TigerTurf Endurance Play

Suitable for High Intensity Football, AFL and Cricket outfields. A highly durable long pile product designed for high usage areas providing excellent playability for all age groups. This surfacing system utilises TenCate XP Blade+ yarn which is the only yarn in the world sold with an unlimited play durability warranty from the yarn manufacturer. Suitable for play with flat soled shoes.

Best Playing Surface

TigerTurf installed the best playing surfaces for the students

Our TigerTurf project manager considered the problems in the context of the school’s requirements for both the timetable and student development.

By installing two durable, dependable sports turfs at the oval, we could provide the school with the best surfaces for the students’ preferred sports, within the school’s budget, and turn the oval into the most popular part of the school.

• TigerTurf Endurance Play is an excellent multi-sport turf for several sports, including futsal, touch rugby and hockey.

• Made from our exceptionally long-lasting XP Pro yarn developed for high usage sports fields, it is also safe for play in flatsoled shoes, so teachers do not have to monitor footwear.

• TigerTurf Endurance Play offers unbeatable performance and durability, with an unlimited-play durability warranty from TenCate, the top international supplier of sports yarn for  artificial turfs.

TigerTurf Tournament 1000 was used for the running track around the playing pitch. Another multi-purpose surface, its hard-wearing qualities have made it the most popular multi-sports turf for schools in Australasia for over 20 years.

Our installation team added a capping layer to the sub-base to support the turf systems. The surfaces were permanently and clearly marked up for several sports in contrasting colours.

Epping Views Primary has achieved its goals

• The students have an inviting area for sports and fun throughout the year.

• The TigerTurf surface of the oval requires minimal maintenance.

• Timetables are no longer disrupted by mud or drought.

• The school has a wonderful asset that gives the students exactly what they needed.

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