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Hervey Bay Hockey

Hervey Bay Hockey has a TigerTurf WETT Pro pitch at last, after years of planning, and hours of work by volunteers. Right now, the club can’t wait for the hockey season to get under way.



Date Project Completed

February 2015




TigerTurf WETT Pro


Asphalt base and insitu pad

The Hervey Bay Story

The Hervey Bay Story

The Hervey Bay Hockey Association lobbied for 12 years for funding to construct a synthetic grass hockey field. With the funding in hand, the Association undertook the construction of the base with the help of many keen members, so when it came to deciding what surface they should put down they wanted to be sure they installed the very best. A major benefit was the reassurance gained from the knowledge that TigerTurf, as part of the Royal TenCate group, was in a position to support their choice of the WETT Pro product with meaningful warranties and financial support. TenCate is, amongst other things, the top producer of synthetic yarn for sports turfs throughout the world.

Finest Playing Surface

Finest Playing Surface

The club was also very impressed with the playing qualities of the surface, something that was reaffirmed after they received favourable reviews from a player who had played on the WETT Pro surface at the 2014 Oceania Series in New Zealand With this in mind, the Hervey Bay Hockey Association felt confident in choosing the WETT Pro surface.

TigerTurf Wett Pro

TigerTurf WETT Pro system has been tested to current FIH (Federation International Hockey) Global standards Providing longer life expectancy than any other product on the market TigerTurf has developed the WETT Pro surface using advanced fibre technology exclusive to TigerTurf.

A Sense Of Achievement

The Hervey Bay Club is immensely proud of its wonderful synthetic hockey pitch, and like the fact that it features the same colours as the 2014 Hockey World Cup field at The Hague.