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Isis Bowls Club

The new TigerTurf BowlsWeave green at Isis Bowls Club looks fabulous in the Queensland sunshine. It is certainly the happy place for the club’s bowlers, who are enjoying the excellent ball speed, consistent roll and flawless finish of a world-class green.



Date Project Completed

March 2018


36m x 36m


TigerTurf Bowlsweave


Part excavation, supply and placement of new crushed rock with TigerBond.

Magnificent New Surface

Magnificent New Surface

The Isis Bowls Club members are proud of their magnificent new BowlsWeave green, and TigerTurf shares their pleasure. Having played on the superb TigerTurf green at Coraki in New South Wales, the Isis Bowls Club members chose our BowlsWeave surface for their own green.

Smooth Consistent Speed

Smooth Consistent Speed

The club now has a world-class surface for national and international level tournaments, offering playing performance that second to none. The smooth woven green produces a true, consistent roll at a perfect speed. The hard work began when our TigerTurf construction team set to work on preparing the base to support the new high performance surface, having first lifted the existing surface and removed it from the site.

TigerTurf Bowlsweave

TigerTurf’s BowlsWeave is a non-filled woven surface manufactured by world renowned Greengauge Surfaces Ltd. Greengauge is a truly world-class company, selling in to all major lawn bowling countries. BowlsWeave is marketed exclusively in Australia by TigerTurf. BowlsWeave is the ideal surface for bowlers, throughout a 12 month season.

Strong Base Construction Is Key

Strong base construction is the key to a successful bowling green

The detailed base construction is critical to supporting a high performing bowls green and our teams take particular care over this stage of construction.

  • We excavate the area ready for our special blend of crushed rock
  • The compacted crushed rock creates a stable, free-draining base for our quality bowls greens
  • Laser grading technology is used to achieve an absolutely level, true surface, followed by an application of TigerBond to secure the base surface for stability and rapid drainage
  • The process is completed with regulating sand, screed for a smooth finish, and held in place by a lighter application of TigerBond

TigerTurf comfort pad for happy bowling and high performance games

We always add a comfort pad beneath the BowlsWeave surface to sustain perfect draw and ball speed. The added benefit of the extra comfort underfoot during tournaments is also appreciated by players.

Attention to every detail creates world class TigerTurf greens

The TigerTurf construction team completed the BowlsWeave green with new plinths and new ditch grass in the surrounding ditches, the final touches to this outstanding green.
TigerTurf BowlsWeave is accredited to World Bowls Board Standards and supplied exclusively by TigerTurf in Australia.