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Kew Box Hill Hockey

With a simple tap on the Lumosa phone app, night became day! The new TigerTurf Lumosa LED lights on the Kew Box Hill hockey pitch give the club the best playing conditions in any light conditions. The players are over the moon.


Lumosa LED Lighting

Date Project Completed

February 2019

New Lumosa Lights Provides Clear Vision To Players

New Lumosa Lights Provides Clear Vision To Players

TigerTurf’s new Lumosa LED lights at Kew Box Hill Hockey Club emit a bright, white light transforming poor light, even total darkness, into daylight. The penetrating, white light spreads evenly across the field, minimising light spill beyond the boundaries and limiting the LED illumination for neighbours. The new Lumosa lights give players the clear vision they need to avoid injury and the confidence to execute difficult moves.

Lumosa LED Sports Lights Offer Touch Functionality Remotely

Lumosa LED Sports Lights Offer Touch Functionality Remotely

It took only four days for TigerTurf to replace the existing metal halide lamps with 24 LED lights at KBH Brumbies home turf. The lights were tested and yield the minimum requirement of 500 lux for safe playing conditions. The installation of the new lights and cables included the set-up of the Lumosa Touch functionality, which enables the hockey manager to control the lights from anywhere, at any time by using a mobile phone App. The field manager has the ability to flick the lights on, change the light level, and easily accommodate late changes to playing schedules all from the Lumosa smartphone app. Also included was the “Lumosa Planner” which enables hockey administrators to schedule the lights for the week, month or season, and according to the lighting level required.

Lumosa LED Sports Lights

Lumosa LED gives bright white light that corresponds to daylight, which makes the ball, the movements and the players much better to notice. This creates a nice game experience for both players and audiences.

Instant Increase In Efficiency

The instant on and off power of the LED lights is another advantage for those managing the timing of the lights.

• There is no need to warm up the lights before play begins; the lights turn on to full power immediately.

• This improvement in efficiency leads to reduced power charges that accumulate over the years.

• The luminaires last longer than the previous halides metal lights. The club avoids the inconvenience, time wasted and cost in changing the older light bulbs frequently.


Sports players and supporters love Lumosa LED sports lighting

Feedback from the players regarding the many benefits of the new Lumosa LED lighting at the pitch has been enthusiastic:

“Even on training mode, our hockey pitch lights are brighter than ever before. The whiter, brighter light has made a huge difference to our game and improved the game for the referees and supporters too.”