Knox City
Knox City

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Knox City

The Knox Eastern Recreation Precinct hosts a FIFA 1* full size floodlit football field plus nine x 5-a-side football fields with individual court lighting and purpose designed rebound walls. Great news for community football!




Date Project Completed

January 2012



A$2.21 million



FIFA 1* Pitch - Soccer REal MS 50; Five-a-side areas - Endurance 50



Porous Asphalt

The Knox City Story

The Knox City Story

TigerTurf, in partnership with world leading yarn producer TenCate, introduce Endurance. Endurance uses the revolutionary TenCate XP Pro yarn which has an unlimited usage warranty for 5 years. The Endurance 50 warranty offers significant advantages to clients with high-use facilities, such as schools and heavily used council grounds.

Professional Installation

Professional Installation

TigerTurf designed, constructed and installed the full complex including fencing and lighting. Products: Main field - Soccer REal MS 50 over 15mm insitu pad. Five-a-side ares - Endurance 50 over 10mm roll out pad. Base: 100mm AP210/25mm porous asphalt.

TigerTurf Endurance 50

A third generati on football surface designed, manufactured and tested to meet premium performance standards. This surfacing system uti lises TenCate XP Blade+ yarn which is the only yarn in the world sold with an unlimited play durability warranty from the yarn manufacturer. Suitable for play with flat soled shoes.

Endurance 50 Offers Significant Benefits

The project was to originally have been two full side fields, but at the last minute the brief was changed to 9 mini fields.  Given the extreme usage expected, TigerTurf offer the TenCate XP yarn as the best solution to this challenge.

Representative of the new facility, run by  Football Federation Victoria, traveled the world researching the latest technology and products used to build high use commercial football complexes. They  recognised that the durability warranties available with Endurance 50 offered significant benefits over the standard warranties in the market.

A further benefit of Endurance 50 is that  the surface warranty is not limited by  the type of footwear used, as is common  with other warranties. Consequently, the Endurance50 warranty also allows school children to use the facility in normal school  shoes, without compromising warranty or  performance.

Endurance 50 is great news for community football. The perfect choice for high use fields indoors or out!

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