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“What a great day to give our new TigerWeave green a test drive. It’s running beautifully…thanks to TigerTurf for the great job you have done,” the new TigerWeave green won praise and admiration from the Lara Bowls Club members enjoying opening day on their TigerWeave green. TigerTurf’s strikingly handsome new TigerWeave green has had an enthusiastic welcome by the Lara Bowling Club’s own players and opposition clubs. The club, established in 1965, is proud of its good relationship with the community and the respect in which it is held by Lara bowlers and visiting clubs, who have long enjoyed the superb TigerWeave green TigerTurf installed many years ago for the Lara Bowling Club. The club players had always loved their TigerWeave green and were proud of their reputation for having the best bowling surface in the district. When the club committee decided it was time to replace the green surface, there was no debate – the committee sent for the TigerTurf bowls team to upgrade their existing TigerWeave green surface with a modern TigerWeave green.




Date Project Completed

Sept 2021






Tiger Weave





Major improvements over recent years have resulted in synthetic bowling surfaces being accepted by bowlers at the highest level. TigerTurf’s TigerWeave is a non-filled woven surface manufactured by world-renowned Greengauge exclusively for TigerTurf. TigerWeave is the ideal surface for bowlers, throughout a 12-month season.

The Lara Bowling Club members are delighted with their sparkling new TigerWeave green and look forward to many more years of bowling on this magnificent surface, and to hosting more tournaments.

After lifting and removing the original surface, the TigerTurf team rescreeded the base ready for the new bowling surface. The TigerWeave green features technical qualities that require the correct base construction to maintain the consistent roll and speed for which TigerWeave greens are famous. The base we had built for the first TigerWeave green was in excellent condition to receive the new TigerWeave green we laid for the club.

On the new TigerWeave green, the club bowlers will be able to refine their skills and make good use of the technical qualities they are discovering at every game.

The club’s younger players will find it easier to learn new skills and to sharpen their existing game. The club will welcome new bowlers, and opposition clubs are keen for their next tournament at the Lara Bowling Club.

TigerTurf has been proud to install the new TigerWeave green for this club, with whom we share an excellent, long-standing relationship. We look forward to upgrading the second green for the Lara Bowling Club soon to provide more playing hours for these happy bowlers.

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