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MCC – Bowls

TigerTurf installed a premier BowlsWeave surface over the free-draining base designed for the MCC bowls green . The members are impressed by their new green’s ability to maintain consistent bowling speed despite Melbourne’s infamously variable weather.



Date Project Completed

July 2014




130mm free draining bowls base with bonded TigerBond surface

The MCC Bowls Story

The MCC Bowls Story

The fresh new TigerTurf bowling green was installed over the vertically-draining base our team constructed for the Melbourne Cricket Club bowls green. The green was often unplayable after rain, but now, within 30 minutes of a downpour, play can resume.

Reliable, All-Weather Consistency

Reliable, All-Weather Consistency

The MCC Bowls Section chose our premier BowlsWeave surface for its reliable, all-weather consistency. The surface had been well recommended by other clubs who were able to enjoy their game any day of the year, thanks to their own high quality TigerTurf bowls green. At times, MCC Bowls Section bowlers were hampered by the abandonment of play for long periods because of a rainsoaked, soggy green.

TigerTurf Bowlsweave

TigerTurf’s BowlsWeave is a non-filled woven surface manufactured by world renowned Greengauge Surfaces Ltd. Greengauge is a truly world-class company, selling in to all major lawn bowling countries. BowlsWeave is marketed exclusively in Australia by TigerTurf.

High Performance Surface

TigerTurf rectified the inadequate drainage by excavating the existing  base and constructing a vertically  draining base designed for the site  and its specific problems. Furthermore, TigerTurf installed the new BowlsWeave surface with drainage lines, to maintain a  consistently reliable performance.  Players have been enthusiastic in their praise for their TigerTurf bowling green.

As well as providing a high performance surface all year round, the green now  drains freely, as it has been designed  to do, and is playable within half an  hour of rain – something that had not been possible until TigerTurf resolved  the drainage problem. Now the MCC  bowlers can keep the ball rolling through every season.