Modbury Bowling Club
Modbury Bowling Club

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Modbury Bowling Club

Modbury Bowling Club members are now discovering the many benefits of their two new TigerWeave greens installed by TigerTurf. And, thanks to some clever foot work by Mykra, these surfaces will maintain their level of high performance despite summer droughts and wet winters.




Date Project Completed

July 2019



TigerTurf TigerWeave



Overlay with granitic sand base

Team Effort

Team Effort

TigerTurf and Mykra formed a team to overcome the intrinsic instability of the soil structure in this area. Reactive clay soils such as we found at Modbury form unstable bases for our sports surfaces because they expand when wet and contract in extended dry periods.

Overcoming Problems to Construct Top Quality Greens

Overcoming Problems to Construct Top Quality Greens

Mykra overcame this with some clever, innovative construction methods. A full-scale evacuation of the site for the two greens was carried out, followed by the construction of two concrete slabs suspended on metal piles above the surrounding clay This gave TigerTurf a stable platform on which to construct the crushed rock, free-draining base system for the two TigerWeave bowling greens, meeting the specifications for these international level bowling surfaces.


Major improvements over recent years have resulted in synthetic bowling surfaces being accepted by bowlers at the highest level. TigerTurf’s TigerWeave is a non-filled woven surface manufactured by world renowned Greengauge Surfaces Ltd exclusively for TigerTurf. TigerWeave is the ideal surface for bowlers, throughout a 12-month season. To ensure a top quality, low maintenance and fast draining surface, TigerTurf deliver a complete system including site preparation, installation of drainage, sub base construction, application of TigerBond, comfort pad installation, surface installation and post project service and speed testing.

World-class TigerWeave Greens Are Open For Every Day Play, No matter the Weather

The Modbury Bowling Club members enjoy hosting bowls tournaments and teams from other clubs and wanted two top quality TigerWeave greens to replace their existing greens. They needed greens that could be used every day, so they could maintain their practice and playing schedules, and increase the numbers of players who could play on these wonderful bowling surfaces.

Despite the highly reactive sub-soils beneath the Modbury Bowling Club, the members can relax and enjoy the outstanding playing conditions offered by these two superb TigerWeave greens which have the benefit of excellent stability, durability and drainage over the very technical base constructed by Mykra.

Tournaments are planned with the confidence that the players can perform at the top of their game throughout the year, untroubled by the usual fluctuations in weather conditions.

The members at the Modbury Bowling Club now have even more to be proud of at their club. Framed by picturesque hills and trees, the deep green, velvet smooth TigerWeave greens look every inch the champions they are, ready to support championship play, every day.

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