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Moe Bowls Club

The new TigerTurf BowlsWeave green at the Moe Bowling Club has given the members an extended playing season on this top quality surface.



Date Project Completed

May 2018


35m x 35m


TigerTurf Bowlsweave


Full build crush rock base with TigerBond

Consistent Ball Speed

Consistent Ball Speed

The grass greens at Moe Bowling Club were very slow, particularly at the start of the bowling season in spring, as the wet Victorian winters interrupted play on the grass green till the surface dried out in spring. TigerTurf changed all that with our top-rated BowlsWeave green surface. The members now enjoy a consistent ball speed and draw all year round on the new green, with the ability to play in winter, too.

TigerTurf Constructs Strong Support For Performance Greens

TigerTurf Constructs Strong Support For Performance Greens

Our work began with the excavation of the site so the TigerTurf team could construct a stable base with effective drainage to keep the surface level and dry for many seasons of successful bowling by the Moe Club members.

TigerTurf Bowlsweave

TigerTurf’s BowlsWeave is a non-filled woven surface manufactured by world renowned Greengauge Surfaces Ltd. Greengauge is a truly world-class company, selling in to all major lawn bowling countries. BowlsWeave is marketed exclusively in Australia by TigerTurf. BowlsWeave is the ideal surface for bowlers, throughout a 12 month season.

TigerTurf Installations Are Timely, With Every Detail Complete

The crushed rock is levelled using laser technology to achieve the high performance game generated by our BowlsWeave green when it is installed. TigerBond is the product we have developed to stabilise the base surface, and it is also applied to the regulating sand used to screed the playing surface.

TigerTurf lays our BowlsWeave green playing surface over a pad
that increases comfort underfoot for the players and maintains the consistent performance of the surface for longer.

The green was finished with careful attention to the construction of new plinths, and the installation of ditch dropper grass in a warm brick-red to form a defining contrast with the
emerald green of the surface.

The site cleared, the superb new green was ready for play and so were the proud Moe Club members. After playing the green in, they are full of praise for the consistent ball speed and accurate roll they can achieve on the new green.