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Parade College

TigerTurf have recently completed a world class soccer field fit for the new Parade College Soccer Academy. This field is more akin to those seen in leading European club fields, and, is unlike anything in Australia.



Date Project Completed

January 2020




Greenfields MX Elite


Full Build Ecocept Base

Parade College Strikes Ahead of the curve with Elite Soccer Academy

Parade College Strikes Ahead of the curve with Elite Soccer Academy

Parade College selected TigerTurf after two previous large scale projects across their two campuses. The first being another soccer field with surrounding multipurpose courts and athletics track completed in 2010, and, more recently, a hockey field at the newly acquired Preston Campus in 2017. In an Australian first, Parade College selected the Greenfield MX surface and used the more environmentally friendly TPE infill. Additionally the revolutionary EcoCept base forms a sports turf system with better performance and construction than found in most other top-ranking synthetic sports turfs.

The TigerTurf EcoCept Base Has Outstanding Performance And Ecological Qualities

The TigerTurf EcoCept Base Has Outstanding Performance And Ecological Qualities

We started with the specialised base TigerTurf constructed to keep the performance of the synthetic football turf at the top of its game for many years of vigorous daily use.

Greenfields TX Elite

Greenfields MX Elite is a high-tech woven system offering the very best performance characteristics for both amateur and professional players.
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The Ecocept Base With The MX Elite Football Surface Is A Star Combination

We installed our preferred multi-functional Tencate EcoCept base product for this project to reduce the need for aggregate, asphalt, extensive drainage, or an extra sports pad beneath the surface.

Laying TigerTurf Ecocept Base

Laying TigerTurf Ecocept Base

The EcoCept base provides excellent drainage and cushioning eneath the sports turf with reliable, longlasting  stability, and alleviates damage to the local ecological systems.

We used our Ecocept base system which, apart from providing amazing drainage capabilities, is made from recycled plastics and rubber. In the Parade pitch alone we have used the equivalent of 14.5 million plastic bags and 14,000 car tyres in the Ecocept base layer.

For this state-of-the-art football facility, TigerTurf used the MX Elite woven synthetic football surface with its impressive portfolio of features to give it the feel, look and playing qualities of a well-maintained natural grass pitch.

But this clever synthetic turf retains its safe, non-slip and stable playing surface throughout many games, in all weathers, with only a minimal maintenance schedule. TigerTurf also used Virgin Thermoplastic Elastomers compounds (TPE infill) on the football pitch.

The Elite surface is also 100% recyclable, a feature highly valued by the college. Both Team TigerTurf and Parade College have stated our intention to build the best facilities for the school community with a sincere commitment to the future of our environment and the well-being of later generations.