Point Lonsdale Bowls Club
Point Lonsdale Bowls Club

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Point Lonsdale Bowls Club

Point Lonsdale Bowls Club wanted the best synthetic bowling surface available – TigerTurf BowlsWeave. The members have been impressed by the consistency of the TigerTurf surface, not to mention the club’s increased participation in the community.



Date Project Completed

November 2012


Two Greens, 2800m2




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The Point Lonsdale Bowls Club Story

The Point Lonsdale Bowls Club Story

Point Lonsdale BC wanted a state of the art bowling surface to complete the upgrade of the club’s facilities. Having bowled on several different turfs, the members decided that the TigerTurf BowlsWeave surface offered the best performance in every respect.

Natural Appearance of The TigerTurf BowlsWeave

Natural Appearance of The TigerTurf BowlsWeave

The club selected mid-green as the colour that would complement the club’s backdrop of trees and a view of the sea. The natural appearance of TigerTurf BowlsWeave in mid-green has been very popular with the members and visiting players. The success of these two greens led TigerTurf to introduce mid-green as a standard colour in the range of bowling surfaces.

TigerTurf Bowlsweave

TigerTurf’s BowlsWeave is a non-filled woven surface manufactured by world renowned Greengauge Surfaces Ltd. Greengauge is a truly world-class company, selling in to all major lawn bowling countries. BowlsWeave is marketed exclusively in Australia by TigerTurf. BowlsWeave is the ideal surface for bowlers, throughout a 12 month season.

The two bowling greens have been busy ever since they were installed in 2012, and players comment favourably on the trajectory and finish of the bowl, as well as the superb appearance of the greens.

The all-weather, durable TigerTurf bowls surface has extended the members’ playing hours, as well as the quality of  game. With many competitions being held on the greens as well as extra social bowls events for the members to enjoy, the two new greens continue to add value to the club. Point Lonsdale Bowls Club has a playing history stretching back to 1930.

The two new greens installed by TigerTurf in 2012 will give many more years of pleasure to the club members.