Ranfurly Primary School
Ranfurly Primary School

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Ranfurly Primary School

"On behalf of Ranfurly Primary school, I would like to say that your TigerTurf team did tremendous work recently on our new bike/walking track,” said Mark Rogerson, Assistant Principal of Ranfurly Primary School, “It looks great and it blends in with our Prep playground area.”





Date Project Completed

April 2019




TigerTurf Tournament


Existing concrete and granitic sand path

A TigerTurf Tournament walking, running and cycling track

A TigerTurf Tournament walking, running and cycling track

The TigerTurf Tournament walking, running and cycling track wends its way beguilingly beneath trees through the Ranfurly Primary school grounds. This, our second project for Ranfurly Primary School, lights up the path in vivid blue with clear white lines cut in as a safety guide for the students, just like the centre line on a real road. The colours coordinate to make a positive statement with the courts we previously installed in partnership with the school some years ago, which are still looking magnificent, attracting more students than ever to come out and play.

TigerTurf Tournament

TigerTurf Tournament

Tournament is a reliable, quality tennis surface made by TigerTurf and is a good value investment for recreational tennis and schools' multi-sports court. It is a medium pile, sand filled, fibrillated tennis surface. Its hardwearing, versatile yarn makes it suitable for courts of all types from private homes to tennis clubs and multisport use in schools.

Who can resist exploring the possibilities suggested by a path winding through woodland

We used the existing concrete and sand path as a base for this colourful turf installation to improve the look and feel of the path and to encourage the students to be more active, on a safer surface. “Please pass on our thanks and congratulations for an excellent effort to the team who prepared and installed the track. I’ve shared some photos to show how great it looks.” Mark added.

The upgraded walking and cycling track entices the students back out to play at Ranfurly Primary

We had just as much fun on this second successful Ranfurly and TigerTurf partnership as we did on the first project, Mark; many thanks for inviting us back to produce this enjoyable installation.

And who can resist exploring the possibilities suggested by a path winding through woodland to who knows where?

TigerTurf Tournament synthetic play and sports surface

Tournament has remained a popular choice for schools throughout Australia and New Zealand since TigerTurf began to manufacture it at our Auckland factory in New Zealand. Schools and clubs very often request a new Tournament turf to replace a previous, well-used Tournament surface in acknowledgment of its suitability, durability and many more qualities

The choice of colours and the versatility of designs and line markings continue to transform school playgrounds around the country.

An economic investment for schools

Tournament is an excellent surface for recreational activities:

  • Widely used for tennis and netball courts, cricket wickets and running tracks
  • Easily installed over existing concrete or asphalt areas
  • Lasts for many years of frequent use in primary school and family activities.

TigerTurf construction teams always enjoy our school projects – and we especially had fun with the mystery path for Ranfurly Primary School.