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Sacred Heart Primary School

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Sacred Heart Primary School

“The new TigerTurf Tournament multi-sport areas, playground games and Summer Envy lawns constructed by the TigerTurf team have introduced cheerful colour and fun to the school grounds. The two TigerTurf synthetic lawns along the front of the school replaced the unsatisfactory grass verge, creating an attractive green entrance for us that we love.”






Date Project Completed

August 2019






TigerTurf Tournament and Summer Envy 35



Full Build

Awesome upgrade opening up a whole new range of fun activities

Awesome upgrade opening up a whole new range of fun activities

Arn Gorman, the principal of Sacred Heart Primary School, was tremendously impressed by the TigerTurf team’s high standard of work and professionalism and is delighted by the incredible improvement to the school grounds and enthusiasm of the students for playing on the new surfaces at every opportunity. PE classes now take place on safe, all-weather synthetic surfaces – brightly coloured, non-slip, and always fun for the students and staff.

TigerTurf Tournament

TigerTurf Tournament

Tournament is a reliable, quality tennis surface made by TigerTurf and is a good value investment for recreational tennis and schools' multi-sports court.

Transforming unusable spaces into bright and vibrant activities

The multi-sport turf extends scope of the structured PE programme; the students now engage positively with the activities, returning to play again during recreational breaks, and even before and after school. This far-sighted development plan for the school grounds has certainly proved to be successful.

Multiple colourful games uplift and engergise Sacred Heart Primary School playground

TigerTurf Tournament multi-purpose synthetic sports for schools, clubs and homes

TigerTurf Tournament multi-purpose sports turf was used for the full construction of five new areas at Sacred Heart Primary, the long jump pit being an immediate hit with the senior students. Previously, the area was rocky and unused, but the TigerTurf construction team soon changed that. A stable base was constructed with good drainage to maintain the high performance of the Tournament surface all year, in all weather.

The once unusable, deserted area of the school grounds is now the happy focus of energetic student activity.

Vivid, multi-coloured recreational games were installed along the edge of the junior playground, including the chess board, hopscotch, foursquare and other evergreen playground games.

TigerTurf Summer Envy 35 landscape grass was also installed for dry, comfortable, perfect lawns requiring little maintenance. TigerTurf Summer Envy creates a lush green lawn tinged with summer warmth, which lends a crisp, purposeful appearance to the entrance of Sacred Heart Primary School, eliciting favourable comments from the local Yarrawonga community and school families.

TigerTurf synthetic surfaces can solve your school’s problems too

TigerTurf magic has solved several problems for the Sacred Heart Primary School at Yarrawonga, such as supporting the sports timetable, opportunities for new PE activities, increasing participation by the students in more outdoor play, and encouraging the community to enjoy the new facilities too.

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